English Background

From the available records it appears that all branches of the Humston family must converge in Cheshire.

The Humstons were seated in East Cheshire as early as the year 1550. Toward the close of the century they moved westward toward the city of Chester and the southwestern part of the shire. After 1601 no record has been found of Humstons at Mottram St. Andrew, in East Cheshire, and it is presumed the last of the family had moved elsewhere.

Hugh Humston lived in the parish of Over as early as 1564, and by 1599 the family was established in the parish of Tarvin. The first record of the name in Chester is in 1619. The family lived also in the vicinity of Farndon, Bunbury, Aldford, Edge, and Malpas.

Members of the family were of the gentry, being farmers, or yeomen, and in Chester they became tradesman. Several were seaman. William Humston of Edge was titled “gentleman,” and the family probably was substantial, as one of its members found it possible to become a bishop of the Church of England.

Records of the English family will prove interesting although they are sadly incomplete. No lineage has been attempted, but readers will notice certain apparent kinships. Spellings of the names conform to the records, but one cannot be sure the orthography of the registers is the choice of the individuals mentioned.

The registers of Prestbury begin in 1560 and the Humstons were at Mottram, near there, at that time. The following entries are found. (Record Society Publications, V.)

1566. Dec. 10. Buried: Jone Humpstone, Mottram.

1574. Oct. 5. Married: Randell Drake-Emme Humpstone, Chelle forde.

1575. Sept. 8. Christened: Geffreye Humpstone als Mottershedde, as the mother sayeth, Mottram.

1575. Dec. 6. Married: Thomas Humpstone-Alyce Bayne, Mottram.

1575. April 6. Buried: Thomas Humpstone, Mottram.

1576. Oct. 4. Christened: John Humpstone, Mottram.

1576/7. Feb. 7. Buried: John Humpstone, Mottram.

1577/8. March 2, Christened: Jone Humpstone, Mottram.

1580. July 17. Married: Francis Adshed-Joan Humpstone, Mottram.

1580/1. Jan. 25. Buried: Margaret Humpstone, Mottram.

1581. Oct. 23. Married: Richd. Heathcote-Anne Humpstone, Mottram.

1581. Sept. 18. Married: George Mottershed-Ales Humpstone, Mottram.

1589. June 17. Buried: Margaret Humpston, Mottram.

1597. May 8. Buried: Lawrence Mellor als. Humpston, Mottram Andrewe.

1598. May 28. Married: Nicholas Houghe-Jone Humpston, Mottram.

1601. Dec. 13. Buried: Elizabeth Humpstone, Mottram.

The original Over parish registers were searched and, while many records are missing, the following notices have been found:

1564/5. Jan. 27. Married: Hugh Humpston and Jane Sloneley.

1566/7. Jan. 22. Buried: John Humpston son of Hugh Humpston.

1590. Nov. 16. Married: Hugh Humpston and Anna Spruse.

1593. (Defaced) 19. Married: Anthonie Humpston and Margreta Capper.

1594. April 12. Christened: Catherine fil Hugh Humpston.

1599. April 30. Buried: Hugh Humpston.

1602. May 20. Christened: Maria fil Anthonie Humpston.

1617/18. Jan. 2. Buried: Margreta Humpston.

1617/18. Jan. 30. Buried: Anna Humpston wid.

1623. Nov. 28. Buried: Anthonie Humpston.

1623/4. March 8. Buried: John Humpston.

1624. May 11. Buried: Margreta Humpston.

1627. Dec. 31. Married: Hugh Humpston and Elizabeth Clerk.

1643/4. March 15. Christened: Robert fil Richard Hoemson(?).

In 1554-8 Ralph Bruyn brought suit against Sir John Savage, Evan Rees, Richard Humston, John Okell and others after a dispute as to turbary in Tarvin manor. (Star Chamber Cases from Cheshire IX. 51. Cheshire Sheaf, July 29, 1903.)

The Humstons were well represented in the parish of Tarvin. From the registers of that parish the following items have been transcribed:

1599. Sept. 17. Married: Robert Humston and Margerie Wright, Vid. (widow).

1600. April 8. Married: John Starky and Elizabeth Humston.

1603. June 17. Buried: Robert son of Robert Humpston of Hargreave.

1603. Aug. 17. Buried: Raffe Humston of Hargreave.

1605. Oct. 20. Buried: Anne wife of Hughe Humpston of Hargreave.

1607. June 3. Buried: Marie, dau. Of Edward Humpston of Hargreave.

1612. Sept. 27. Christened: Anthonye sone of Edward Humpston of Foulkstap. (Hargreave).

1613/4. Jan. 14. Christened: Christian, daughter of Robert Humpston of Foulkstap.

1614/5. March 22. Buried: Hugh Humpston of Foulkstapleford.

1615. Dec. 14. Christened: Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Humpston of Foulkstap.

1617/8. March 22. Christened: Robert sone of Robert Humpston of Foulkestapleford.

1619/20. March 20. Christened: Richard sone of Robert Humpston of Foulkestaple.

1620/21. Feb. 27. Christened: Anne daughter of Edward Humpston of Foulkestap.

1622. Oct. 27. Christened: Edward sone of Bennet Humpston of Foulkestap.

1623. Aug. 24. Christened: Thomas sone of Robert Humpston of Foulkestapleford.

1623. Sept. 12. Buried: Thomas sone of Roberte Humpston of Foulkestapleford.

1623. Nov. 2. Christened: Mary daughter of Edward Humpston of Foulkestapleford.

1625. Oct. 5. Christened: Anne daughter of Robert Humpston of Foulkestapleford.

1626. May 28. Christened: Robert son of Benedicte Humpston of Foulkestaple.

1626. Aug. 28. Married: John Humston and Ellen Lytler.

1626. Oct. 26. Buried: Anne dau of John Humpston of Mouldsworth.

1627. Aug. 26. Christened: Anne daughter of John Humpston of Mouldsworth.

1628. Oct. 5. Christened: Dorothye daughter of John Humpston of Mouldsworth.

1629/30. Feb. 21. Christened: Anne daughter of John Humpston of Mouldsworth.

1630. March 26. Buried: Anne daughter of John Humpston of Mouldsworth.

1631. June 12. Christened: William sone of John Humpston of Mouldsworth.

1631. Sept. 25. Christened: Dorothie daughter of Edward Humpston of Faulkestaple.

1632. Aug. 12. Christened: Jane daughter of John Humpston of Mouldesworth.

1634. April 26. Christened: Ellen daughter of John Humpston of Mouldesworth.

1635. May 10. Buried: Ellen dau of John Humpston of Mouldsworth.

1636. May 24. Buried: Robert Humpston of Foulkstapleford.

1637. Jan. 1. Buried: Edward Humpston of Foulkestapleford.

A special search also was made of the registers of Malpas, with these findings:

1605. May 26. Christened: William son of Mr. Richard Humperson of Broxon Gent.

1607/8. Jan. 7. Christened: Rose the daugr of Anthnie Humston sone in lawe to Richrd Bozewell of the Whygate.

1609. Sept. 21. Christened: Mary daugr of Anthoney Humstone of Malpas. (Entry from the Malpas ranscripts in Chester Diocesan Registry.)

1611. Jan. 3. Buried: Anne daugr of Anthoney Humpston. (Entry from the Malpas ranscripts in Chester Diocesan Registry.)

1615. April 2. Christened: Richard the son of Anthonye Humston of Malpas.

1616. June 31. Christened: Mary daugr of Anthonye Humpston of the Whytegate in township of Malpas.

1618. May 12. Christened: Robert son of Anthonie Humpston of the Whytegate in township of Malpas.

1618. July 3. Buried: Robert son of Anthonie Humpston of the Whytegate.

1619. April 4. Christened: Barbara the daugr of one Mr. Robert Humpston & Barbara his wife of Knock Verges (Knockfergus of Carrickfergus) in Ireland. This child was borne in John Heaues house in Malpas.

1619. Nov. 30. Christened: Margrett daugr of Anthonie Humpstone of the Whytegate in Malpas.

1620. Jan. 26. Buried: Rose daugr of Anthonie Humpston of the Whytegate.

1620. Jan. 30. Christened: Ales daugr of Anthonie Humpston of the Whytegate.

1620. March 20. Buried: Ales daugr of Anthonie Humpston of the Whitegate.

1621. March 12. Christened: Edward son of Anthonie Humpston of the Whitegate in Malpas.

1623. Dec. 25. Christened: Hugh son of Anthonie Humpston of the Whitegate in Malpas.

1625. May 1. Christened: Elizabeth daugr of Anthonie Humpston of the Whitegate in Malpas.

1626. March 26. Buried: Mary daugr of Anthonie Humpston of the Whitegate in Malpas.

1642. Aug. 2. Buried: Jane daugr to Anthony Humpston of the Whitegate in Malpas.

1648. Oct. 17. Married: Thomas Yeardley & Dorothy Humston.

1652. April 5. Married: Randle Taylor & Elizabeth Humpston.

1652/3. March 19. Christened: Robert son of Edward Humpstone of Cholmonley.

1654. Sept. 3. Christened: Mary daugr of Edward Humpstone of Malpas.

1654. Nov. 4. Buried: John Humston of Malpas.

1654. Nov. 10. Buried: Anthonie Humston of Malpas, father of John Humston.

1655. Dec. 27. Christened: John son of Edward Humston of Malpas.

1657. Dec. 5. Buried: John son of Edward Humston of Malpas.

1658. April 13. Buried: Edward Humston of Malpas.

1680. Nov. 25. Christened: Edward son of Robert Humpston of Bradeley.

1683. Feb. 25. Christened: Robert son of Robert Humpston of Bradeley.

1685. May 30. Christened: John son of Robert Humpston of Bradeley.

1686. Dec. 29. Christened: William son of Robert Humston of Bradley. (Entry form Malpas transcripts in Chester Diocesan Registry.)

1687. Jan. 1. Married: Thomas Birch of the Parish of Worthenbury & Elizabeth Humpston of this Parish.

1687. Dec. 29. Christened: William son of Robert Humpston of Bradley. (See 1686 entry)

1700. April 19. Buried: Mary wife to Robert Humpston of Malpas husb.

1700. Nov. 15. Married: Robert Humston of Malpas & Mary Clarke of Malpas by license.

The Malpas registers are considerably defaced and from the incompleteness of the record, it will be observed that several Humston entries are missing. It is evident that the Malpas branch of the family was founded by Anthony Humston, whose marriage is found in the licenses issued in the Archdeaconry of Chester.

The records of the family in Chester begin in 1619, but they also are far from complete, so it may be that members of the family were there before that time. The known records: (Farrall, L.M., “Parish Register of the Holy and Undivided Trinity in the City of Chester.”)

1619. Sept. 7. Christened: Edward fil Hump. Humpston showmaker.

1619. Dec. 29. Buried Edward fil Hugh Humpston jurneyman showmaker bur in ch. Yard.

1621. Aug. 24. Buried Mary dau. To Hugh Humpston showmaker bur. In ch. yard.

1643. Oct. 3. Christened: Mary da. To Rafe Humpston.

1646. Feb. 19. Buried: Mary dau. To Rafe Humpston mariner.

1650. July 28. Christened: Grace d. to Rafe Humpston sayler.

1651. May 4. Christened: Elizabeth dau. To Jo. Humpston.

1653. May 8. Christened: Mary da. To Geo. Humpston seaman.

1656. Nov. 16. Buried: Grace ye daughter of Ralph Humpstone sepult by ould fount in the Church by her mother.

1656. Dec. 20. Buried A yonge child of John Humpston bodiemaker sepult in ye Churchyard.

1656. Jan. 11. Buried: A yonge child of 2 yeares ould of ye same Humpston sepult in ye Churchyard.

1657. July 29. Christened: Samuell sone of George Humpston mariner born and baptized the 9 of August 1657.

1657. Aug. 2. Married: Charles Humpston and Anne Liderland widdowe married beefor Mr. Robert Harvie Ald. And justice of peace within the Cittie of Chester. John Cranke and ffrancis Humpston psent at the said marriage.

1693. Dec. 9. Buried: Elizabeth Humston.

Among the freemen of Chester, 1628/9, was Hugh Humpston, apprentice to Thomas Hatton, shoemaker. In 1657, Ricard Humpston was listed as being a tailor. During the siege of Chester, 1643-46, in the Civil War, when records were kept of the city’s inhabitants, Hughe Humston was living “in the Croffts.” In the hearth tax returns for the city in 1664-5, the name of Richard Humpston is found.

The marriage license records also show a number of Humston notices: (Record Society, Vol. 53, “Marriage Licenses Granted Within the Archdeaconry of Chester in the Diocese of Chester.”)

1606. Dec. 6. Hugh Humstone, Parish of Tarvin, Chesh., and Dorothy Wright, Parish of Pulford, Chesh., Widow. At St. Michael’s, Chester.

1606/7. Feb. 7. Anthony Humstone, Parish of Tarvin, Chesh., and Margaret Boswell, Parish of Malpas, Chesh., spinster. Bondsman, Robert Humstone of Gargreave, Chesh. At Malpas. (Further records of Anthony and his family are found in the Malpas registers.)

1609. Sept. 20. Edward Humston, Parish of Tarvin, Chesh., and Dorothy Pulford, Parish of Farndon, Chesh., spinster. At. St. Martin’s Chester.

1617/18. March 14. Humphrey Humpston, Parish of Over, Chesh., and Jane Hitchinson, Parish of Bunbury, Chesh., spinster. Bondsman, Anthony Humpston. At Burnbury or Harthill, Chesh.

1620. Aug. 5. Bennett Humpston and Dorothy Pulford, Parish of Farndon, Chesh., spinster. License to Mr. Roland Thicknes.

1623. Jan. 31. William Ladsham, Parish of Bunbury, Chesh., and Elizabeth Humpston, Psh of Over, Chesh., Spinster. Bondsman, John Frier. At Tattenhall, Chesh.

1624. April 15. Hugh Aldersey and Jane Humpston, Parish of Bunbury, Chesh., Wido. License to Mr. John Murren, Clerk.

1624. Aug. 11. Thomas Clarke of Wettenhall, Chesh., and Mary Humpston, Parish of Over, Chesh., Spinster. License to Mr. Barker, Vicar of Over, and Mr. Swane, Clerk, Curate of Bunbury, Chesh., or Tarporley, Chesh.

1626. Oct. 28. John Humpston and Ellen Lettler, Parish of Tarvin, Chesh. At Tarvin.

1665. June 17. Thomas Jones, of Lea, Chesh., and Jane Humston of Aldferd, Chesh. Bondsman, Hugh Humston, Aldford At Aldford or Doddington, Chesh,

1667. May 15. Wm. Harrison of Leighton in Worrall, and Jane Humpston of Weston, Widow. At Shotwicke or Neston.

1671/2. Feb 2. William Humston of Edge, Gentleman and Catherine Bremfeild, of same, Spinster. At Malpas, Hanley, and Hargreave.

1677. Oct. 5. William Humpston bondsman for Elizabeth Wilkinson of Manley, Spin., and Joseph Mouldsdale of Huxley. At Tarvin, Frodsham or St. Peter, Chester.

1678/9. Jan. 15. Robert Humpston, of Malpas, and Mary Emson, of Bradley, Spinster. Bondsman, John Taylor. At Malpas or St. John, Chesh.

A number of Humston wills are recorded in the Probate Court, Chester, but there were many individuals in the family who left no wills. The Record Society Index lists these: Hugh Humpston of Over, 1597c: Robert Humpston of Hargreave, inventory 1610; Edward Humpston of Foulk Stableford (Hargreave), inventory 1638; Anthony Humston of Over, 1623; Dorothy Humston of Hargreave, widow, 1630; Edward Humston of Hargreave, inventory 1636; Ann Humpston of Hargreaves, administration 1670; Edward Humpston of Malpas, yeoman, 1663; Dorothy Humpston of Hargreaves, administration 1670; Robert Humpston of Hargreaves, administration 1670; Robert Humston of Malpas, yeoman, administration 1714; Robert Humpston of Whitegate, 1735: Edward Humstone of the town of Malpas, farmer, administration Aug. 8, 1815.

The earlier wills have been abstracted with the following results:

Will of Hugh Humpstone of Ulton low in the Parish of Over, husb., dated Sept. 19, 1598; May 31, 1599: To be buried in the Parish Church of Over. To wife, Ann; son, Anthony; son John Humpstone’s boy, little John Humpstone; daughter Margaret; son Anthonie’s two boys; sons John and Raffe. Exors., son John Humpstone and Hughe Humpstone of Hargreave. Overseer, friend Randle Granwall, Witnesses, Roger Harding, Ric. Nickson, Raffe Nickson, Randle Holbrook with others. Proved by Hughe Humpstone.

Inventory of goods of Robert Humston of Hargreave, drover, dated Aug. 10, 1611; Nov. 21, 1611: Appraised by William Rosingreave, Robert Smyth, Richard Symco, Richd. Ollerhead to sum of £212-15-8. Among those mentioned in accounts, Hugh Beswell, John Rogerson, William Rosingreave, Edward Tyttle, John Edge, Hgh Humston, Raffe Burrowes, Thomas Pulford, Hugh James, Edward Humston, Georg Poole, Anthony Humston, Richard Symco.

Will of Anthony Humpston of Oltonloo in Pish of Over, yeoman, dated Nov. 14, 1623; Dec. 11, 1623: To be buried at Over. To wife, Jane; to daughters, Marie Humpston and Elizabeth Humpston; son, Hughe Humston; son, Raphe Humston; sister, Margaret; to the ringers to ring all day; to the poor of Wettenhall and Oltonloo. Exors., daughter Elizabeth Humston and John Weever. Overseers, Rondle Hichison and Thomas Falkoner. Witnesses: Richard Greggorie, Edward Hughes, Ricard Gregorie the younger. Proved by John Weever. Those mentioned in accounts: Thomas Olton, Job Darlington, John Hunte, William Hunte, William Brocke, Richd Whickington, John Fradsom, Arthure Beth, John Freere, Robt. Massie, John Caph (Capper?), John Holbrooke, John Yowed, Ellinor Billington, Hugh Brynkill, Richard Clarke, Thomas Falkener, Robart Walker, Edward Loow, James Jelicorsse, Rondle Olto, Raph Low, Rondle Gill, Robert Joynson, John Weeer, Widdowe Hichisonne, Rondle Capp, John Celfull, William Leake, Hugh Holland, Edward Wilkenson, Ed Hughes, Rondle Lightfoote, John Wildenson, John Olton, Catharen Harden, Rob Tasker, Henerie Speakman, Joan Varnan, Olliver Darbeshire, Ane Lightfoote, jRichard Gregorie.

Inventory of goods of Antony Humston of Oltonloo, deced the 23 of November, 1623: Appraised by William Jackson, Richard Yoemanson alias Gregorie, Rondle Dode and Rondle Olton. Total sum £172-15-11.

Inventory of the goods of Edward Humpston of Hargreave appraised by John Kerfoote, Robert Farrall, Robert Large, and Ralph Buckley Feb. 2, 1636. Administration granted to Dorothea Humpston, widow, the administratix. Administration granted March 6, 1636, and account rendered April 14, 1638 of £213-10-4, mentioning Christopher Blease and Mr. Swinton of Chester. Adm. Granted Oct. 9, 1638.

Will (nuncapative) of Edward Humpston of Malpas, yeoman, dated on or about April 16, 1662: To son Robert Humpston; brother-in-law, Richard Bankes; brother-in-law, John Liverpoole; wife, Jane; “and these words hee uttered & declared in the psence of several witnesses & shortly after departeth this life.” On May 6, 1663, administration with will was granted to Jane, the widow, then the wife of Thomas Leigh of Malpas. Inventory taken Feb. 19, 1662, by Robert Rankes and Thomas Leigh.

Administration of the goods of Anne Humpston (widow of Roert Humpston of Hargreave), deceased, was granted May 2, 1670, to Maria Maddocke, wido of Chester, the principal creditor and administratrix.

Administration of the goods of Dorothea Humpston of Hargreave, deceased, granted May 7, 1670 to Maria Maddocke, widow of Chester, the principal creditor and administratrix.

Will of Dorothie Humpston, late wife of Hughe Humpston of Hargreave, dated Jan. 20, 1629; May 22, 1630. To sons Thomas Wright and John Wright; to grandchild John Wright; to cousin Richard Wright. Son Thomas Wright executor.

An Edward Humston was a witness to the will of Mary Alersey, widow, of Foulk Stapleford, dated 1675.(Record Society, Vol. 30, pp. 140-141.) This Edward is presumed to be the son of Bennet Humston, whose birth in 1622 is recorded in the Tarvin register. Catherine Humpston of Aldford was licensed to practice the office of a midwife in the county of Chester Feb. 17, 1682.(Record Society, Vol. 73, p. 45.)

The London Humstons. In the register of St. James, Clerkenwell, (Harleian Society, Vol. 4, p. 39.) appears notice of the burial of “Thomas Humston of Cheshier,” on Feb. 8, 1588/9. This record indicates that he had not long been in London and that he was of the Cheshire family. He was perhaps the first of the name in London.

At St. Olave, Hart Street, (Harleian Society, Vol. 46.) is found the burial May 7, 1596/7 of “Alice Humston, widowe, out of Goodina Bedston’s”. In considering the relationship, it is to be noted that a record appears at Prestbury in Cheshire of the marriage of Thomas Humpston and Alice Bayne in Mottram Dec. 6, 1575.

After 1597 records are found of this family in London, but little can be done toward establishing the exact relationship of the individuals bearing the name. There are no Humston wills recorded in London.

On Aug. 11, 1605, was buried “ffrauncies Humstone a guest from Thomas Holdsworth Inholder dwellinge in Gratious streete,” at St. Peter’s, Cornhill. (Harleian Society, Vol. 1, p. 161.)

Then later on Aug. 2, 1663, at St. Mary, Somerset, (Harleian Society, Vol. 59.) is found the record of the marriage of Thomas Humstone and Elizabeth Cooke (Mr. Cooke rector), and on July 7, 1664, the register records the christening of Samuell Humston, their son.

At St. Mary le Bone, Middlesex, (Harleian Society, Vol. 47.) is found the marriage of John Humpston and Grace Montgomery Oct. 13, 1675.

On Jan. 15, 1666, administration bonds were grated to Magdalen Humston, widow of George Humston of Whitefriars (A.B. 21/72).

In 1696, Robert Humstone was a resident of London. (Chancery Proceedings. Reynardson 133-13.)

After 1700 several records of the family have been found in the London parish registers.

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