26. Edward6 Humston, born in 1796 ( Thomas5, Edward4, Edward3, Edward2, Edward1 ).

Edward Humston, the oldest child of Thomas and Lucy (Morehead) Humston, was born in Fauquier County, Virginia, about 1796, going to Shenandoah County with his parents about 1813. He was a farmer and lived near Edinburg until 1852. Then, with his father, he moved to Henry County, Kentucky. He never married.

Edward is mentioned as one of the beneficiaries in his grandfather’s will. He died April 30 1855, and is buried in the family graveyard on the home farm near Port Royal, Ky.

34. Nathaniel Albert6 Humston, born in 1811 ( Thomas5, Edward4, Edward3, Edward2, Edward1 ), married at Zanesville, Ohio, July 11, 1833, Margaret Jane Fanning, daughter of Jonathan and Catherine (Laughler) Fanning, who was born at Hopewell, Ontario County, N.Y., June 11, 1812. She died at Pleasureville, Henry County, Ky., Feb. 7, 1896, and is buried at Port Royal, Ky. Funeral services were held the following June at Cane Run Church.

Jonathan Fanning was the sixth (Asher5, Jonathan4, Jonathan3, Jonathan2, Edmund1) in descent from the immigrant ancestor, who came from Ireland after the Cromwellian confiscations and settled at Groton, Conn., in 1652. An excellent genealogy of the Fanning family has been published. (Brooks, Walter F., “History of the Fanning Family.”)

Nathaniel Albert Humston, son of Thomas and Lucy Morehead) Humston, was born probably in Fauquier County, Virginia, Nov. 26, 1811, a few years prior to his parents’ removal to Shenandoah, and lived in the latter county until about 1832, when he went to Zanesville, Ohio. After three years he returned to Virginia, but in 1843 again moved westward to Clark County, Kentucky. He remained there about five years and then, in 1848, moved to Port Royal, Henry County.

He later bought a farm about three miles west of that place on Emilys Run Creek, where he lived about twenty years. After living at Turners Station about seven years, he bought a farm about 1877 two miles west of Port Royal, on which he lived the remainder of his life.

Nathaniel was a tailor and worked at his trade many years. He commenced to preach in 1848 and was ordained a minister of the gospel in July, 1854. He was pastor of the Cane Run and Sulphur Fork Churches for over thirty years until his death Jan. 25, 1890. He is buried at Port Royal.

Nathaniel Humston was a truly religious man, never seeking financial gain. He united with the Primitive (Hard Shell) Baptist Church at Union Forge, Va., and was baptized by Elder Ambrose C. Booton.

Before leaving Virginia, Nathaniel purchased from George Grandstaff Sept. 26, 1837, a small lot of land on Stony Creek, containing forty-nine square poles, the price being $130. (Shenandoah Deed Book “QQ”, p. 514) Nathaniel sold a part of this land in 1838 as the following deed shows: (Shenandoah Deed Book “RR”, p. 236)

This Indenture made the 26 th day of December in the year 1838 Between Nath. A. Humston and Margaret his wife of the Conty of Shenandoah and state of Virginia of the one part and Isaac Ruby of the same County….Witnesseth that the said Humston & Margaret his wife for and in consideration of the sum of One hundred and thirty dollars….have granted….unto the said Isaac Ruby his heirs and assigns one certain Lot of land lying in the county aforesaid on Stony Creek it being part of a lot of land containing one acre two rods & twenty five poles….the same being conveyed by George Grandstaff and Mary his wife to Nathaniel A. Humstead…In witness whereof the said Nathaniel A. Humston & Margaret his wife have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written.

Nathl A. Humston (Seal)

Margaret Humston (Seal)

Recorded May 15, 1839

On Dec. 25, 1838, by another deal (Shenandoah Deed Book “RR”, p. 320 (In margin: Delivered to Thomas Humston June 10, 1840)), Nathaniel bought a small tract from Isaac Ruby and then sold it to John G. Zimmerman of Maryland April 19, 1842 (Shenandoah County Deed Book “TT”, p. 264).

Issue: (The family Bible of N. A. Humston is now in the possession of Mrs. Asher D. Humston, Eminence, Ky.)

53. i. Mary Jane7, born at Zanesville, Ohio, April 10, 1834, died Aug. 19, 1834 and is buried there.

54. ii. Lucy Ann7, born at Edinburg, Va., July 7, 1835, married, first, in Henry County, Ky., Jan. 11, 1853, Thomas N. Ball, son of the Rev. William Ball. He died Aug. 22, 18--, and she married, 2 nd, Dec. 18, 1877, James B. McDowl, who died Dec. 19, 1886. She died Dec. 19, 1892 at Patoka, Ill., and is buried there.

    Issue: (1 st Marriage):

    (1) Annice Ball, born Oct. 11, 1853, died Dec. 11, 1853.

    (2) Viola Humston Ball, born in Henry Co., Ky., Sept. 24, 1854, married, 1 st, Feb. 23, 1873, Thomas S. Turner, who was born May 1, 1851. He died Feb. 1, 1881 at Patoka, Ill. She married, 2 nd, in Fayette Co., Ill., Nov. 22, 1881, Obadiah Pugh, who died April 3, 1918 in Patoka, where she continued to reside. Issue (1 st mar.): (A) Ada Turner, born in Kentucky May 3, 1874, died July 9, 1875.

    (3) William D. Ball, Born Aug. 17, 1856, married Dec. 26, 1878, Virginia Hines She died in 1915. He was a Primitive Baptist preacher and lived in California. Issue: Eight children.

    (4) Edward Albert Ball, born Dec. 1, 1850, died Feb. 27, 1866.

    (5) Crodelia E. Ball, born March 28, 1861, died Sept. 16, 1866.

    (6) Lillie Boone Ball, born Oct. 23, 1863, married in December, 1878, James Andrew Kendall. She died at Dayton, O., July 4, 1915 and is buried at Middletown, O. He later lived in Trimble Co., Ky. Issue: (A) Infant son, born and died Oct. 7, 1879. (B) Robert Thomas Kendall, born Dec. 8, 1880, died Dec. 17, 1880. (C) Ida Lee Kendall, born June 7, 1882, died May 2, 1914. (D) Luther Kendall, born July 6, 1884. (E) Viola Kendall, born Aug. 31, 1886. (F) Lucy Kendall, born May 27, 1889. (G) Malvina Kendall, born Aug. 31, 1891. (H) Andrew Kendall, born May 3, 1894, died Sept. 1, 1894. (I) Allie Mae Kendall, born July 19, 1895. (J) James Ezra Kendall, born Sept. 10, 1902.

    (7) Leila Margaret Ball, born Oct. 28, 1859 in White Co., Ind., married Dec. 16, 1881, Len Dendall. She died at Dayton, O., Dec. 28, 1919 and is buried in Trimble Co., Ky. Issue: (born in Trimble Co.) (A) Etta Kendall, born March 29, 1884. (B) Elva Kendall, born Feb22, 1886. (C) Infant, born and died Jan. 28, 1888. (D) Jesse Kendall, born April 10, 1889. (E) Howard Kendall, born Sept. 20, 1898. (F) Bessie Kendall, born June 21, 1902. (G) Orva Willis Kendall, born Sept. 20, 1910.

    (8) James Carlton Ball, born March 11, 1868, died March 28, 1868.

    (9) John Massie Ball, born April 1, 1869, married, and resided near Port Royal, Ky.

    (10) Ezra Fanning Ball, born Oct. 5, 1871, died Feb. 28, 1872.

    Issue (2 nd Marriage)

    (11) Amos Dora McDowl, born Jan. 28, 1879, married….Richardson, and lived in Cincinati, O.

55. ii. Thomas Morehead7, born April 1, 1838.

56. iv. William Armistead7, born April 7, 1840.

57. v. John Henry7, born July 11, 1842, died Jan. 24, 1842, and is buried at Edinburg, Va.

58. vi. James Albert7, born Nov. 21, 1843.

59. vii. Edward Asher7, born Feb. 11, 1846, died Aug. 29, 1848, and is buried in Clark County, Kentucky.

60. viii. Sara Boone7, born in Clark County, Kentucky, June 25, 1848, married Sept. 13, 1870, James T. Russell, son of …. and …. (Suddeth) Russell, who was born May 10, 1846. He was a farmer and lived all his life near Port Royal, Ky. At the time of his death he resided about two miles west of that place. They wre members of the Primitive Baptist Church. She died March 31, 1912; he died May 15, 1915 of consumption. Both are buried at Port Royal.


(1) Beatrice Russell, born Jan. 6, 1872, married March 1, 1893, Thomas Moore of Scotland County, Mo., where they resided. She died July 4, 1897 while on a visit at her father’s home in Kentucky, and is buried at Port Royal.

(2) Edward Ashby Russell, born June 21, 1874, died Sept. 1, 1899 and is buried at Port Royal.

(3) William Ferdinand Russell, born Nov. 12, 1876, married Oct. 17, 1900, Lillie Hardin, daughter of James P. and Ella (Suddeth) Hardin, who was born Sept. 8, 1876. Because of failing health he sold his farm and moved to Arizona in 1918. He died at Glendale, Ariz., Sept. 22, 1920 and is buried there. She resides with her son at Cincinnati, O. Issue: (A) Georrge Arthur Russell, born in Henry Co., Ky., Nove. 25, 1901. He went with his parents to Arizona in 1918, but in 1937 returned to the old home neighborhood. He is a paper carrier and lives at 2705 Eastern Ave., Cincinati, O.

(4) James Albert Russell, born Jan. 1, 1880, married Feb. 28, 1904, Bertha Henderson, daughter of John and Hallie (Mahoney) Henderson, who was born Oct. 18, 1885. He is a farmer and they live three miles west of Port Royal, Ky. Issue: (A) James Eugene Russell, born Jan. 6, 1917. He volunteered for service in the Army in 1941.

(5) Annie Boone Russell, born Oct. 13, 1885, married March 6, 1904, Joseph Lawhead, son of Thomas and Julia (Lindsay) Lawhead, who was born Aug. 30, 1879 in Trimble Co., Ky. They engaged in farming in Henry County for many years and later moved to Cincinnati where they live with their daughter. Issue: (A) Cecelia Boone Lawhead, born Oct. 25, 1905, married July 24, 1926, Langdon Beverly Ransdell, son of Frank Ransdell of Turners Station. Address: R.F.D., Chilo, Ohio.

(6) Elisha Stephen Russell, born May 24, 1891, married, 1 st, April 20, 1911, Nettie T. Garrett, daughter of John and Lillie (Humston) Garrett, who was born Aug. 19, 1893. She died Feb. 24, 1924 and he married, 2 nd, …. He was a farmer near Port Royal, Ky., until his death July 7, 1936. Issue (1 st mar.): (A) Mary Katherine Russell, born April 15, 1913, married at Carrollton, Ky., Dec. 23, 1928, Norman Clay Coyle, son of Grant and Daisy (Lee) Coyle, who was born Sept. 23, 1904. He is a grocery store manager at Mt. Sterling, Ky. Issue: (a) Charles Edward Coyle, born Dec. 4, 1929. (b) Pauline Coyle, born Dec. 11, 1933. (c) Jean Coyle, born July 8, 1940. Issue (2 nd Mar.): (B) Donetta Russell. Address: Turners Station, Ky. (C) elisha Russell, Jr., who makes his home with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Lawhead. (D) Daughter.

61. ix. Amos Dewitt7, born Dec, 1850.

62. x. Ambrose Booton7, born Feb. 22, 1855.

35. WILLIAM GRINSTED6 HUMSTON, born in 1813 ( Thomas5, Edward4, Edward3, Edward2, Edward1 ), married, first, June 28, 1836, Amanda M.F.A. Watkins, daughter of Chasten Cox and …. ( Corby) Watkins, who was born Aug. 20, 1819. She died Sept. 1, 1847 and is buried in Clark County, Kentucky.

He married, second, in Henry County, Kentucky, May 16, 1850, Ann Eliza Triplett, daughter of John (Son of John Hoar and Susannah (Morehead) Triplett of Fauquier County, Virginia, who died in Fleming County, Kentucky, Jan. 12, 1853. Other children of John H. and Susannah Triplett wee James, Lawrence, George, Polly Ann, Elizabeth, Patsy, Nancy, Lucy, Charles Morehead and Susan M., the latter marrying Charles Morehead 6 Humston – No. 36 of this record.) and Nellie Triplett, who was born Oct. 1829. She died April 11, 1896, and is buried in Pleasant Valley Cemetery in Henderson County, Kentucky.

William Grinsted Humston, son of Thomas and Lucy (Morehead) Humston, was born at Edinburg, Shenandoah County, Va., Dec. 24, 1813. He was a farmer and blacksmith and lived at that place until 1836.

He moved to Clark County, Kentucky, where he spent the rest of his life. He died March 14, 1862 and is buried in Clark County.

Issue (first marriage): Bible of William G. Humston now owned by Mrs. Fred R. Cramer, Akron, Ohio.

63. i. Mary A.7, born in Clark County, Kentucky, May 3, 1837, died same day.

64. ii. Lucy A.7, born in Clark County, Kentucky, July 5, 1838, died July 23, 1851.

65. iii. Minor Cosby7, born Oct. 29, 1840.

66. iv. Nancy M.7, born March 12, 1843, died Aug. 3, 1851.

67. v. William Thomas7, born July 14, 1845, died Aug. 1, 1851.

Issue (second marriage):

68. vi. Infant7, born July 8, 1851, died same day.

69. vii. Virginia7, born July 8, 1852, died at 10 years of age.

70. viii. James Albert7, born Sept. 2, 1854.

71. ix. Susan Morehead7, born in Clark County, Kentucky, May 15, 1857, married Oct. 19, 1876, George King Robards, who was born in Henderson County, Kentucky, Dec. 21, 1852. He was a farmer and lived at Robards, Ky., at which place their children were born.


  • John William Robards, born July 30, 1877, married Nov. 29, 1899, Nellie Porter, daughter of Bennet Martin and Jane Elizabeth (Williams) Porter. He is a farmer at Robards Ky. Issue: (A) Pearl Robards, born March 21, 1903, married, 1 st, Feb. 19, 1922, Frank G. Clay, son of Thomas Clay; divorced 1928. She married, 2 nd, July 17, 1930, Gordie Caton. He died Dec. 13, 1939. She conducts a creamery business at Henderson, Ky., living at 324 First St. It is said she has an old Humston Bible. (B) Lillian Robards, born Dec. 7, 1907, married Dec. 12, 1924 at Hebbardsville, Ky., Bryant Keach. Address: Route 2, Henderson, Ky. Issue: (a) Dorris LaVerne Keach (son), born Oct. 30, 1926 at Henderson, Ky.
  • Thomas King Robards, born June 25, 1879, married March 1, 1904, Daisy Bell Knight. He died Feb. 25, 1920 and is buried at Pleasant Valley Cemetary near Robards, Ky. She died…. No issue.
  • Eunice May Robards, born April 26, 1887, died Jan. 26, 1894, and is buried at Pleasant Valley Cemetery.
  • George Elliott Robards, born Feb. 13, 1892, married Dec. 23, 1916, Alliba Triplett, daughter of John Triplett. They reside on Route 1, Robards, Ky.
  • Roy Robards, born Nov. 13, 1894, married at Evansville, Ind., Dec. 26, 1925, Cleona Keach, daughter of H. C. and Mary ( Butler) Keach, who was born in Daviess Co., Ky., Feb. 7 1904. He is a carpenter. Address: 416 Sixth St., Henderson, Ky. Issue: (A) Roy Hill Robards, born at Henderson Jan. 3, 1927. (B) Martha Evelyn Robards, born at Henderson April 20, 1930.

72. x. John Grinsted7, born Dec. 22, 1859.

36. CHARLES MOREHEAD6 HUMSTON, born in 1815 ( Thomas5, Edward4, Edward3, Edward2, Edward1 ), married at Poplar Plains, Fleming County, Ky., Aug. 18, 1836, Susan Morehead Triplett, daughter of John Hoar and Susannah (Morehead) Triplett, who was born in Fauquier County, Virginia, about 1811, died May 15, 1871 and is buried at New Castle, Ky. He married, second, about 1873, Sarah Frank Wickershaw Jones, daughter of Thomas and Polly B. ( Johnston) Frank, who was born in Henry County, Kentucky. She is buried at New Castle, Ky.

Charles Morehead Humston, son of Thomas and Lucy (Morehead) Humston, was born near Edinburg, Shenandoah County, Va., Sept. 29, 1815 and lived near that place until 1836, when he went to Henry County, Kentucky, and located near Port Royal on which he reared a large family. He provided his children with an opportunity to secure and advanced education, which was no small undertaking at that time.

About 1870, he bought a farm two miles south of Campbellsburg, Ky., on which he lived the rest of his life. Charles died Jan. 9, 1888 and is buried at New Castle, Ky.

An interesting letter written by him has been preserved:

Port Royal Henry Co. Ky. Dec. 8, 1862

Mr. W. J. Humston

Dear Sir:

I learned from one of my sons that there was a man by your name, who was conductor on the Rail Road from Mitchell to Layfayette, and knowing there was no one of that name except a near relative of ours I felt an anxiety to know something about you and your parentage. I am a Virginian, by birth and raising. I want you to write to me and direct to the above named place and tell me who your father was also your grandfather and where they were from. I will if I live and nothing prevents visit your state in the spring, and would be glad to see any one of my relations. I have a son practicing Medicine at Morocco twelve miles from Kurts station in Newton county in your State. I may be too inquisitive but let me say it belongs to Virginians to be very fond of their relations. I had an uncle Edward in that State, and several cousins, sons of my uncle John. My father’s name was Thomas. If you are a grandson of my uncle John you have an aunt living by me. Tell me what you know in regard to your family and I will write you again. I remain as ever attached to the name if not related.

C. M. Humston

A reply was received to this missive and the second letter by Charles is to be found under Edward5 Humston.

Issue (first marriage):

73. i. George Triplett7, born Aug. 22, 1837.

74. ii. Milton Lawrence7, born Nov. 3, 1838.

75. iii. William Thomas7, born May 29, 1840.

76. iv. Lucy Lindsay7, born Nov. 9, 1841, died Sept. 7, 1858.

77. v. James Albert7, born Sept. 12, 1843, died Sept. 2, 1844.

78. vi. Louellen7, born July 7, 1845, died Aug. 6, 1854.

79. vii. Charles Morehead7, born Aug. 21, 1848.

80. viii. Oscar Mortimore7, born May 19, 1851.

81. ix. Susan Bernice7, born near Port Royal, Ky., Aug. 24, 1876, married, 1 st, F.W. Jordan, a civil engineer. He died and is buried at New Castle, Ky. She married, 2 nd, at Goodland, Ind., Sept. 12, 1894, J. W. Baer. He was a merchant and died March 23, 1925 at Goodland. She resided in Brooklyn, N.Y., until her death Sept. 17, 1941.


  • Laura Louise Jordan, born April 20, 1881, married June 25, 1918, George Russel Van Neste. He died Nov. 18, 1935 in Brooklyn, N.Y. She is a writer and lives at 55 Montgomery Place, Brooklyn, N.Y.

82. x. Orlester Beriah7, born Nov. 20, 1856.

37. GEORGE ARMSTRONG6 HUMSTON, born in 1817 ( Thomas5, Edward4, Edward3, Edward2, Edward1 ), married near Edinburg, Va., April 4, 1844, Ann Maria Humston, daughter of John and Matilda Humston, who was born near Edinburg July 12, 1816. she died at Turners Station, Ky., about 1892, and is buried at Sulphur Fork Church at Campbellsburg, Ky.

George Armstrong Humston, son of Thomas and Lucy (Morehead) Humston, was born near Edinburg, Shenandoah County, Va., May 17, 1817 and lived in that vicinity until 1845.

He then moved to Henry County, Kentucky, and bought a farm about three miles west of Port Royal. He was also a blacksmith. He was deputy circuit clerk of Henry County and trustee of the jury fund. He campaigned for the office of circuit clerk in 1874, got the Democratic nomination, but was defeated in the election by an independent.

About 1885 George sold his farm and moved to Turners Station, where he lived the remaining years of his life. He died Oct. 10, 1888 and is buried at Sulphur Fork Church at Campbellsburg in Henry County.

The following deed was made before his removal to Kentucky: (Shenandoah County Deed Book “YY”, p. 29)

This Indenture, made the 23 rd day of June 1849 Between George A. Humpston and Ann M. his wife, and Edward Humpston of the one part, and Elias Hottle of the other part, Witnesseth: That the said George A. Humpston and Ann his wife and Edward Humpston for and in consideration of the sum of Six hundred dollars….three hundred dollars in hand one hundred on the first day of Sept. 1850, one hundred on the first day of Sept. 1851 and one hundred on the first day of Sept. 1852….grant….unto the said Elias Hottle….a certain tract or parcel of land lying and being in the county of Shenandoah near the Three topt mountain, being the same land which was conveyed to George Cooper by Peter Snyder and wife on the 30 th day of January 1819….& is the same tract conveyed to the said George A. Humpston and Edward Humpston by Thomas Humpston by deed….also another tract or parcel of land adjoining the above….containing thirty and three fourths acres….being the same tract or parcel of land which was in the possession of the said George Cooper who claimed it by virtue of the sale from said Snyder to him, which possession was transferred by said Cooper to said Thomas Humpston and by him to the said parties of the first part. …in witness whereof the said George A. Humpston and wife and Edward Humpston have hereunto set their hands and seals the day and year first above written.

George A. Humston (Seal)

Ann M. Humston (Seal)

Edward Humston (Seal)

Recorded June 23, 1849

Issue: (Family Bible of George A. Humston now is owned by Mr. M. J. Jones, New Castle, Ky.)

83. i. Martha Jane7, born near Port Royal, Ky., April 1, 1845, married Dec. 12, 1865, (by Elder N. A. Humston) Dr. E. D. Jones, son of Joshua and Amanda (Kelley) Jones, who was born Dec. 4, 1846 in Henry County. She died Jan. 16, 1887. After his wife’s death he moved to Neosho Falls, Kan., where he resided until his death Jan. 9, 1916. Both are buried in Pleasureville, Ky. Their children were born in Henry County, Kentucky.


(1) Cora Lee Jones, born April 3, 1867, married Nov. 1900 at Iola, Kan., George Crane, son of James and Lydia (Barber) Crane, who was born May 4, 1852 at Ft. Atkinson, Wis. She died Nov. 24, 1907 at Neosho Falls, Kan., and her husband died there Aug. 15, 1927. Issue (A) Ronald D. Crane, born Nov. 28, 1901 at Neosho Falls, Kan., married Sept. 11, 1921 at Iola, Kan., Metta Mathis, daughter of Absolum Robert and Marjorie Adaline (Laferite) Mathis, who was born Oct. 9, 1890 at Neosho Falls, Kan. He is a café owner and reside at 11325 Santa Monica Blvd., West Los Angeles, Calif.

(2) Dillard D. Jones, born May 12, 1868, married at Point Pleasant, Ky., in 1888, Martishie Shuck, who was born in 1870 at Bethlehem, Ky. He was a farmer at Pleasureville, Ky., until his death. Issue: (A) Grace Jones, born in 1894 at Bethlehem, Ky., married in 1911 at Pleasureville, Ky., John H. Stivers son of James W. and Mollie Bell (Staley) Stivers, who was born in 1890 at Eminence, Ky. He is a farmer and they live on Route 1, Bagdad, Ky. Issue: (a) James T. Stivers, born in 1912 at Elemburg, Ky., married….Address: 104 Chambers Ave., Georgetown, Ky. (b) Forest D. Stivers, born 1917 at Pleasureville, deceased. (c) Chester A. Stivers, born in 1918 at Pleasureville, married….Address: 2909 Grand Ave., Louisville, Ky. (d) John Stivers born in 1923 at Bethlehem. (B) Mattie Roulah Jones, born March 7, 1897 near Bethlehem, Ky., married March 25, 1920 at Pleasureville, Ky., Garnett Reubelt Shannon, son of Joseph Thomas and Jemima Jane (Smith) Shannon, who was born Sept. 29, 1894 at Point Pleasant, Henry Co., Ky. She died July 1, 1937. He lives at Gratz, Ky. Issue: (a) Elva Rae Shannon, born Aug. 18, 1921 at Point Pleasant, Ky. (b) Dorothy Lee Shannon, born Dec. 6, 1922 at Point Pleasant. (C) Chester Jones, who was drowned at 20 years of age.

(3) Anna A. Jones, born Nov. 10, 1869, married William E. Holliday at Neosho Falls, Kan., where they resided. She died at North Pleasureville, Ky., Dec. 31, 1939. No issue.

(4) Minice Joshua Jones, born Aug. 16, 1872, married Oct. 21, 1902, Lula Godbey, daughter of the Rev. T. J. Godbey. He attended the University of Kentucky for three years, taught school for several years, was county clerk eleven years, cashier of the Pleasureville bank, a farmer, and later became Judge of the Henry County Court. Mr. Jones is a self-made man is one of the prominent citizens of his county. He lives at New Castle, Ky. Issue: (A) Martha Catherine Jones, born Dec. 4, 1903, died March 19, 1929. (B) Susanna Godbey Jones, born Oct. 8, 1909; she is employed in Louisville. (C) Minice Joshua Jones, Jr., born Aug. 2, 1914; he was graduated in 1940 from the Jefferson School of Law.

(5) Stella G. Jones, born May 7, 1874, married Oct. 28, 1896 at Louisville, Ky., L.C. Skidmore, son of Flonzo and Margaret (Batts) Skidmore, who was born Sept. 11, 1873 in Owen Co., Ky. He is a farmer and resides two miles south of Campbellsburg, Ky. Issue: (A) Ralph J. Skidmore, born Sept. 4, 1900, married 1920, Hallie Wright, daughter of the Rev. Henry and Margaret (Rawlings) Wright. He graduated from the Medical School at the University of Louisville in 1926, and is now a doctor at Campsbellsburg, Ky. (B) Hugh P. Skidmore, born May 8, 1902, married at Orlando, Fla., June 16, 1928, Mary Ellen Fuller, daughter of Alpheus Young and Mary Ann (Coffey) Fuller, who was born at Orlando, Fla., June 8. 1901. He received an A.B. degree at Transylvania College in 1923 and an M.A. degree at the University of Kentucky in 1933. He is a teacher of physics, du Kent Manual Training High School, Louisville, Ky., and lives there at 429 Hillcrest. Issue: (a) Hugh Peeples Skidmore, born at Louisville Oct. 28, 1940. (C) L.C. Skidmore, born July 24, 1915.

(6) George Jones, born May 14, 1876, married Nov. 11, 1898 at New Castle, Ky., Margaret Rankin Wills, daughter of Dave and Martha Ellen (Lowdenback) Rankin who was born at Lockport, Ky. They live at North Pleasureville, Ky.

(7) Bernice Humston Jones, born Feb. 19, 1878, died in October, 1896.

(8) Claudia Milton Jones, born July 24, 1880, married Tress Herdman of Neosho Falls, Kan. He is a physician, has lived in Mexico many years, for some time at Tampico, and now resides at Fresuillo, Zacatecas, Mexico.

84. ii. Milton C. 7, born Nov. 21, 1846, died Nov. 29, 1849.

85. iii. Mary Matilda 7, born March 17, 1849, died Dec. 1, 1849.

38. JAMES A.6 HUMSTON , born 1819 ( Thomas5, Edward4, Edward3, Edward2, Edward1 ), married, first, at Kernstown, Va., in November, 1850, Judith Ann Massie, daughter of Thomas D. and Sydney (Ashby) Massie, (Thomas D. Massie, 1801-Feb. 10, 1861; Sydney Massie, Aug. 11, 1800-Jan. 11, 1855) who was born at Kernstown Sept. 5, 1828. She died while on a visit in Virginia, July 30, 1888, and is buried at New Castle, Ky.

He married, second, at Pleasureville, Ky., Aug. 27, 1891, Emma Kohlas, daughter of Henry and Katherine Kohlas, who was born at Winchester, Ky., May 24, 1851. She died in May, 1925, and is buried at Winchester.

James A. Humston, youngest son of Thomas and Lucy (Morehead) Humston, was born at Edinburg, Shenandoah County, Va., March 21, 1819, and lived in that neighborhood until about 1840. He then moved to Henry County Kentucky.

After his arrival there he decided to study medicine, and entered the Louisville Medical College, from which he was graduated in 1843. He located at Port Royal, Ky., but later bought a farm near Lacie, where he continued his medical practice for over forty years.

At that time doctors were few and his practice covered a large territory. Often in the middle of the night and in the worst of weather he could be found many miles from home. He was successful in his profession and was considered on of the best of doctors. He was a typical Southern Gentleman, courteous, obliging and enjoyed the wholehearted confidence and respect of his friends and neighbors.

He died June 25, 1904 and is buried at New Castle, Ky. His children were born at Lacie.


86. i. Allie7, born Sept. 23, 1851, married about 1871, Dennis Brewer. He was a farmer at Lacie. She died Aug. 26, 1891 and is buried at New Castle, Ky. No issue.

87. ii. Beatrice7, born March 15, 1855, died July 11, 1856.

88. iii. Sidney B.7, born March 15, 1855, died in June, 1856 of scarlet fever.

89. iv. Edward Ashby7, born Nov. 6, 1856.

90. v. Lucy S.7, born March 5, 1859, died April 14, 1859.

91. vi. Ludie D.7, born Oct. 5, 1861, married Jan. 28, 1890, John Lacy Humston (see No. 128 of this record).

41. JOHN6 HUMSTON, born about 1800 ( Edward5, Edward4, Edward3, Edward2, Edward1), married at Bedford, Ind., about 1824, Polly Johnson, daughter of John and Anne Johnson (John Johnson, March 14, 1874 – Sept. 15, 1849; Anne Johnson, Sept. 30, 1784-Dec. 1, 1852), he was born near Bedford, Lawrence County, Ind., June 20, 1805. She married, second, ....Carter, and had one son Nathaniel Carter, who went with his sister, Mary, to Albia, Monroe County, Ia., about 1849. At the outbreak of the War Between the States Nathaniel enlisted in the Union Army and was killed at the Battle of Shiloh. Polly died March 25, 1846 and is buried at Bedford, Ind.

John (Jack) Humston, son of Edward and Jane (Neely) Humston, was born probably about 1800 in Virginia. He was a farmer, but at the time of his death was operating a flatboat between Louisville and New Orleans. On one of these trips he was stricken with fever and taken off the boat at some point, now unknown to the family, on the lower Mississippi, where he died in April, 1835.


92. i. Culbertson Smith7, born about 1825.

93. ii. Mary Jane7, born near Bedford, Ind., Jan. 17, 1827, married there Aug. 1, 1848, John Bishop, son of Samuel D. and Hulda (Daniels) Bishop, who was born at Bedford June 18, 1829. He was a cabinet maker and farmer. They moved to Albia, Ia., in 1849, resided there until 1862, and then moved to Mills County, Iowa, where they lived until 1909. Then, because of age and sickness, they went to live with their daughter at Independence, Mo. When her mother died in 1846, Mary Jane cared for several younger brothers, a duty which she did well, and she has been praised by all who knew her. She died at Independence, Mo., Dec. 31, 1909. He died April 15, 1913.


    1. Alice Bishop, born July 26, 1849, died Oct. 6, 1851.
    2. Sarah Letitia Bishop, born near Albia , Ia. , Aug. 30, 1851, and married near Malvern, Ia., April 23, 1872, Edward S. Weed, son of Henry E. and Mary (Bishop Weed, who was born in 1841. He died near Independence , Mo. , March 1, 1923 ; she died at Phoenix , Ariz. , in March, 1935. Issue: (A) Stella Louise Weed, born Sept. 1, 1873, near Emerson, Mills Co., Ia., married at Bailey, Neb., about 1896, Wallace E. Nelson, who was born near Grinnell, Ia., in 1866. He died in Saskatchewan, Canada, in 1911 and she died there in March, 1915. (B) Kate Weed, born near Emerson, Ia., July 25, 1875, married at Bailey, Cherry Co., Neb., Sept. 20, 1904, Paul Lemon Brockway, son of Charles L. and Sarah (Leech) Brockway, who was born at Riverton, Neb., May 4, 1879. The live at 1039 S. Topeka Ave., Wichita, Kan. (C) George Bailey Weed, born near Emerson, Ia., Jan 23, 1877, married Jan. 1, 1919, Eva Colby. He died at Tonawanda, N.Y., in September, 1935. (D) Frank Sherwin Weed, born Jan. 23, 1877 (twin to George), died in infancy in August, 1877. (E) Jennie M. Weed, born near Emerson, Ia., Feb. 1, 1881, married in 1919, J.F. Young of Phoenix. Ariz., who died Jan. 12, 1921. She married, 2 nd, Nov. 27, 1937 at Des Moines, Ia., John Haan, son of Jan and Agnes Haan, who was born at Javeland, Germany , Jan. 16, 1870. He is a retired farmer and they reside at Rock Rapids, Ia. (F) Alma H. Weed, born near Emerson, Ia., Aug. 16, 1885, married Dec. 23, 1918 at Grand Island, Neb., Neoma Ruth Chapman, daughter of William Henry and Martha Polly (Watson) Chapman, who was born Dec. 20, 1884 at Hastings, Neb. He is a steam engineer with the Central Arizona Light & Power Co. Address: 2337 N. Edgemere St., Phoenix, Ariz. Issue: (a) Martha Alice Weed, born May 10, 1922, died in infancy. (b) Betty Ruth Weed, born Feb. 21, 1924. (c) Leslie Edward Weed, born Nov. 15, 1925. (d) Margaret Weed, born July 5, 1928. (G) Flora Myra Weed, born at Bailey P.O., Cherry Co. Neb., June 19, 1889, married about 1915 at Independence, Mo., J. Frank Forlow. She died Jan. 2, 1921. He resides at 6700 E. 15 th St., Kansas City, Mo. Issue: (a) Dorothy Julia Forlow, born Dec. 14, 1919, married Woodrow Wilson Hughill. (H) Leslie Edward Weed born at Bailey P.O., Neb., July 1, 1892, married at Moran Prairie, Wash., June 24, 1914, Alice Newlon, daughter of George and Alice (Kirby) Coulthard (adopted by Newlons), who was born May 23, 1896 at Moran Prairie, Wash. He is a mechanic and they live on Route 2, Bellevue, Wash. Issue: (a) Jess Donald Weed, born Feb. 12, 1915 at Moran Pairie, Wash., married….(b) Gordon Edward Weed, born Nov. 28, 1916 at Moran Prairie, Wash., married…. (c) Flora Belle Weed, born July 7, 1920 at Moran Prairie., Wash., married…. (d) Lois Teresa Weed, born Sept. 26, 1922 at Moran Prairie. (e) Alice Letitia Weed, born Aug. 12, 1924 at Moran Prairie. (f) Robert Leslie (Pat) Weed, born Nov. 4, 1932 at Moran Prairie. (I) Alice Vivian Weed, born at Bailey, Neb., April 3, 1897, married at Independence, Mo., May 30, 1919, Harry G. Barto, son of Charles Nelson and Janet Elizabeth (Cook) Barto, who was born at Lamoni, Ia., Aug. 30, 1895. He is owner of the Barto Grain and Coal Co., and they live at 900 W. Waldo, Independence, Mo. Issue: (a) Jeanne Meredith Barto, born Feb. 12, 1922. (b) Barbara Vivean Barto, born Aug. 23, 1925.
    3. Catheryn Bishop, born Nov. 9, 1853, near Albia, Ia., married near Malvern, Ia., Dec. 21, 1876, Edmund L. Kelley, son of Richard Yancey and Sarah F. F. (Ballowe) Kelley, who was born at Vienna, Johnson Co., Ill., Nov. 17, 1844. He died May 10, 1930. She lives at 1300 W. Lexington St., Independence, Mo. Issue: (A) Winfred Bishop Kelley, born at Glenwood, Ia., Nov. 30, 1877, married at Lamoni, Ia., June 4, 1903, Alberta P. Dancer, daughter of Albert P. and Katie ( Anderson) Dancer. He is a lawyer and they reside at 414 N. River Blvd., Independence, Mo. Issue: (a) Harold Emlin Kelley, (b) Howard Winfred Kelley (twins), born at Leon, Ia., Feb. 24, 1905. (c) Wilbur Wendell Kelley, born at Independence, Mo., July 1, 1907. (B) Edmund L. Kelley, Jr., born at Glenwood, Ia., March 25, 1880, married at Lamoni, Ia., Aug. 17, 1904, Verna Barr, daughter of Lester J. and Hattie (Smith) Barr, who was born at Lamoni Nov. 23, 1882. He is in the insurance business and real estate and lives at Hardin, Mont. Issue: (a) Kathryn Lucille Kelley, born Aug. 26, 1905, married E.J. Buzzetti. Address: 2118 Gerald St., Missoula, Mont. (b) Dorothy Velva Kelley, born Jan. 28, 1907, married O. R. Wilkinson. Address: 2314 N. 37 th St., Seattle, Wash. (c) Virginia Cleora Kelley, born Jan. 6, 1913, married W. W. Wertz. Address: 401 Montana Ave., Helena, Mont. (d) Edmund L. Kelley III, born April 21, 1917. Address: Hardin Mont. (e) Jeanne Ruth Kelley (twin). (f) Janice Rea Kelley (twin), born Nov. 4, 1924. (C) Richard Carlysle Kelley, born at Coldwater, Mich., Sept. 30, 1882, married Aug. 10, 1915, Anna Zimmermann, daughter of John and Kathrine (Kellenbenz) Zimmermann, who was born at Philadelphia, Pa., Dec. 25, 1887. He is secretary-treasurer of Jon Zimmermann & Sons, Philadelphia, Pa, where he resides at 8212 Cedar Road, Elkins Park, Philadelphia. Issue: (a) Joan Catherine Kelley, born May 11, 1916 at Iowa City, Ia., married Sept. 3, 1940 at Philadelphia, Ward Fowler. (b) Richard C. Kelley, Jr., born March 17 1919 at Philadelphia. (c) Susan Dorothea Kelley, born Oct. 2, 1920. (d) Marian Kelley, born Oct. 29, 1921. (e) Anita Kelley, born March 15, 1923. (f) Donald Edmund Kelley, born Feb. 6, 1925. (g) Janet Nancy Kelley, born June 5, 1927, died Oct. 10, 1938. (D) Laura Belle Kelley, born at Kirtland, Ohio, Sept. 20, 1884, married Aug. 16, 1916, John Reuben Green, M.D., son of Edwin A. and Susan ( Campbell) Green, who was born Nov. 13, 1881. The reside at 915 S. Main St., Independence, Mo. Issue: (a) John Richard Green, born May 28, 1917. (b) Jeanette Louise Green, born July 6, 1919. (c) Virginia Ruth Green, born Oct. 5, 1921. (d) Grace Katherine Green, born March 18, 1925. (c) ….Elizabeth Green, born Nov. 23, 1926. (E) Jeannette Vivian Kelley, born at Kirtland, O., July 23, 1887, married at Independence, Mo., Aug. 21, 1912, Paule Newton Craig, son of Charles and Margaret (Johnson) Craig. Address: 1300 W. Lexington St., Independence, Mo. (F) Joseph Stanley Kelley, born at Kirtland, O., Feb. 4, 1890, married Aug. 19, 1927, Mary Andentia Woodford, daughter of Charles Farley and Clara (Hawkins) Woodford, who was born at Washington, Kan., Sept. 12, 1900. He is a minister and they reside at 1821 Norwood, Independence, Mo. (F) David Emlin Kelley, born at Lamoni, Ia., Oct. 16, 1893, married at Independence, Mo., Feb. 6, 1924, Mabel Lee Curry. He is a dealer in asbestos products and the home is at 652 Romany Rd., Kansas City, Mo. (H) Marietta Kelley, born, died Jan. 6, 1896. (I) Ruth Alix Kelley, born at Lamoni, Ia., Dec. 8, 1896, married at Iowa City, Ia., June 15, 1918, Homer Otis Lichtenwalter. Address: Lakeview Ave., Short Hills, N. J. Issue: (a) Homer Otis Lichtenwalter, born March 29, 1920 at Dover, N.J. (b) Ann Lichtenwalter, born July 10, 1930.
    4. Laura Ellen Bishop, born July 20, 1856, died April 30, 1918.
    5. Emma Bishop, born April 11, 1859, died Dec. 25, 1868.
    6. Elmyra Ann Bishop, born March 12, 1861, died in 1882.

94. iii. John7, born about 1830.

95. iv. William Johnson7, born May 18, 1832.

96. v. Henry J.7, born Dec. 13, 1834.

43. WILLIAM MOORE6 HUMSTON, born 1812 ( Edward5, Edward4, Edward3, Edward2, Edward1), married in Hendricks County, Indiana, Oct. 16, 1843, Luvina Elizabeth Glover, daughter of Harrilson and Mary (Guilland) Glover, who was born in Barren County, Kentucky, May 10, 1819. She died at Bedford, Ind., March 9, 1900, and is buried at that place.

William Moore Humston, son of Edward and Jane (Neely) Humston, was born in Virginia Aug. 31, 1812, and went to Tennessee with his parents and then to Indiana about 1830. He was a farmer, and lived about one mile southeast of Bedford on the land where his father settled on his arrival in Lawrence County.

William was a Methodist, being converted as a young man. He was active in the church and was known as a man of sterling integrity. He has many descendants, some of whom still reside at Bedford. He died March 8, 1872 and is buried at that place.

Issue: (Records of William Moore Humston are preserved by Mrs. Emma Hoff, Bedford, Ind.)

97. i. James Edward7, born Aug. 13, 1844.

98. ii.Samuel Rariden7, born Oct. 19, 1846.

99. iii. Susan Jane7, born near Bedford, Ind., Jan. 29, 1848, married in December, 1872, Samuel Judah. She died April 3, 1873, and is buried at Bedford. No issue.

100. iv. Mary Ann7, born at Bedford, Ind., June 10, 1850, died at 16 years of age and is buried at Bedford.

101. v. Sara Amaranda7, born at Bedford, Ind., Feb. 13, 1854, married there Dec. 18, 1873, George K. Owen, son of John Crooke and Mary Elizabeth (Dye) Owen, who was born in Lawrence County, Indiana, July 12, 1851. She died Sept. 2?, 1908; he died Jan. 28, 1940, and both are buried at Bedford.


  1. Edward Owen, born Dec. 8, 1874, died March 24, 1877.
  2. William Franklin Owen, born March 29, 1879, married June 30, 1920, Ruby Louise Day, daughter of Jesse M. and Josephine Rebecca (Wilder) Day, who was born in Lawrence County July 15, 1889. He was a sheriff of Lawrence County and resided at Bedford, dying Dec. 2, 1933. She married, 2 nd, …. McKnight, and resides near Bedford, Ind. Issue: (A) William Jesse Owen, born April 23, 1928, died Aug. 28, 1936.
  3. Noble Vandova Owen, born at Bedford, Ind., Nov. 27, 1880, married, 1 st, Mary Cornelia Sears; divorced. He married, 2 nd, at Hammond, Ind., Jan. 11, 1930, Lida Muenich, who was born March 2, 1891, at Hammond, daughter of Albert and Elizabeth (Belloff) Hopp, and foster daughter of Gustave C. and Mary (Belloff) Muenich. Mr. Owen was in the civil service and resided at Indianapolis and later at Hammond. He died Nov. 18, 1938. His widow resides at 7018 Hohman Ave., Hammond, Ind.
  4. Ralph Humston Owen, born June 27, 1884, married Bessie Jones. He was a telegraph operator, being employed by the Southern Pacific Railroad, and resided at Blue Canon, Calif. He died Aug. 4, 1937. Issue: (A) Ralph Owen, born about 1910, married …., lives at 3735 High St., Oakland, Calif. Issue: (a) Son, born about 1939.
  5. Mary Elizabeth Owen, born April 11, 1890, married June 30, 1914, Raymond C. Owens, son of Cloudless E. and Mary Frances (Ragsdale) Owens, who was born Jan. 15, 1887 at Bedford, Ind. He is in the hardware business at Bedford, where they reside at 525 E. 16 th St. Issue: (A) Marion Frances Owens, born Oct. 9, 1915, married June 12, 1936 at Bedford, Lowell W. Davis, Son of Milton and Ona (Byrd) Davis, who was born July 18, 1912 at Bedford. He is an assistant store manager, and they live at 524 E. 16 th St., Bedford. (B) Sara Elizabeth Owens, born Sept. 16, 1921.

102. vi. William Bradley7, born April 13, 1858.

103. vii. Laura Luvina7, born near Bedford, Ind., Jan. 19, 1860, married at Smithville, Ind., Dec. 30, 1886, Jerome B. Dillman, son of Henry and Martha L. (Strain) Dillman, who was born Sept. 25, 1860 at Bloomington, Ind. He is a merchant at Bloomington. She died there May 18, 1930, and he died June 1, 1936.


    1. Samuel Henry Dillman, born Oct. 6, 1887, married, 1 st, Sept. 5, 1909, Garnet A. Hoard, daughter of Dawson M. and Winnie (Simpson) Hoard, who was born June 27, 1892 at Bloomington. She died March 31, 1936, and he married, 2 nd, Elsie L. Harris, daughter of Charles and Perl (Webb) Harris, daughter of Charles and Pearl (Webb) harris, who was born June 23, 1911 at Blomington. He is employed by the C. I. & L. Railway and the reside on Route 5, Bloomington. Issue (1 st marriage): (A) Laverne Irene Dillman, born Sept. 28, 1910, married Oct. 10, 1936 at Michigan City, Ind., John Richard Perry, son of Herman Haslock and Pearl Louise (May) Perry, who was born April 17, 1905 at Ellettsville, Ind. He is a stone draftsman and they live at 108 W. Second St., Bloomington, Ind. (B) Samuel Leon Dillman, born Sept. 15, 1913, married…. Address: 917 N. College Ave., Bloomington, Ind.
    2. Oscar Leon Dillman, Born June 29, 1890, married June 21, 1914, Lola Whaley, daughter of John Wesley and Rebecca Ann (Raper) Whalley, who was born in Green Co., Ind., Aug. 29, 1892. They live at 537 ˝ S. Walnut St., Bloomington, Ind.
    3. Nellie Robin Dillman, born, died in infancy.
    4. Mary Irene Dillman, born Oct. 26, 1898, married July 12 19??, Leslie Allgood, son of John and Laura … (Johnson) Allgood, who was born Jan. 9, 1895 at Bainbridge, Ind. He is a machinist for the C. I. & L. Railway and resides at 222 ˝ E. Sixth St., Michigan City, Ind. Issue: (A) Martha Jean Allgood, born Nov. 13, 1917, married Nov. 9, 1936, Wallace Baker, and they reside on Greenwood Ave., R.F.D., Michigan City, Ind. Issue: (a) Richard Earl Baker, born Oct. 9, 1938. (b) Dennis Lee Baker, born Feb. 25, 1940. (B) Mary Ellen Allgood, born Aug. 2, 1919. (C) Lou Alice Allgood, born Feb. 9, 1922. (D) Donald Edward Allgood, born in Bloomington April 16, 1928. (E) Leslie David Allgood, born Nov. 12, 1935.

104. viii. Emma Clark7, born near Bedford, Ind., Sept. 19, 1862, married March 27, 1892, William McKee Hoff, son of Park and Catherine ( Dixon) Hoff. He died at Bedford Jan. 9, 1928; she resides at that place:


  1. Blanche Elizabeth Hoff, born July 5, 1894, died at the age of nine.
  2. Wilbur McKee Hoff, born March 24, 1896. He is a machinist at Bedford, Ind. Unmarried.
  3. Beulah Elizabeth Hoff, born Jan. 25, 1900, married April 6, 1918, Robert J. Johnson, son of John James and Lara (Garkin) Johnson, who was born March 30, 1896 at West Baden, Ind. He is in the transfer business and is a quarryman. Address: Route 4, Bedford, Ind. Issue: (A) James Edward Johnson, born Jan. 16, 1921. (B) Noble Edgar Johnson, born June 22, 1923. (C) Elmer Fred Johnson, born June 4, 1927. (D) Norma Jean Johnson, born April 10, 1935. (E) Charles Donald Johnson, born July 28, 1936. (F) Catherine Ina Johnson, born Nov. 24, 1939.

105. ix. Charles Harrilson7, born Feb. 10, 1866, died in November, 1866.

44. STROTHER GRAYSON6 Humston, born 1804 ( John5, Edward4, Edward3, Edward2, Edward1), married in Frederick County, Virginia, Anna Elizabeth Ford, who was born about 1810. She died near Xenia, Ohio, July 4, 1866, about 56 yars old, and is buried at Maple Corners graveyard.

Strother Grayson Humston, son of John and Matilda Humston, was born in Fauquier County, Virginia, Nov. 15, 1804, and lived there until about 1830, being named in a trust deed in 1829 in the county. The deed (Deed Book No. 31 p. 19 Fauquier County, Virginia, Records.):

This Indenture made the 28 th day of December, 1829 between John Thornberry of the first part Strother G Humston of the second part and Wilford G. Settle, of the thierd part, Whereas the said Wilford G Settle by a certain writing obligatory, executed on or about the 12 th instant became bound as security for the said Thornberry for the payment of forty five dollars, payable to John Marshall senr and James M Marshall, and the said Thornberry being desirous of securing the said Settle against harm and damage in consequence of the security ship aforesd, Witnesseth That for and in consideration of these premises and the further consideration of one dollar cash to the said Thornberry in hand paid, by the said Humston at and before the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, and the said Huston discharged have bargained, sold, and delivered unto the said Humston one Grey Horse, six winsor chairs, one feather bed and furniture, one acorn top bed stead, one bureau, one table, and sundry other articles of House hold and Kitchen furniture not here particularly enumerated, Two Cows and one calf and four head hogs to Hve and To Hold to him the said Humston, his executors, or administrators,….In witness whereof, we have herunto set our hands and seals this day and date first above written.

John Thornberry (Seal)

Strother G Humston (Seal)

Wilford G Settle (Seal)

Thomas M Ambler

Wm Gibson Justices of the Peace

(Recorded Feb. 22, 1830)

Strother Grayson Humston moved to Frederick County soon after 1829 and is listed as a taxpayer in that county in 1832. He was a resident there only a few years, moving about 1835 to Gallipolis, Ohio. Because of high water there, it is said he had a difficult time getting his wagon across the Ohio River.

He went to Clinton County, Ohio, and later moved Greene County, near Xenia, where he spent the remainder of his life.

He was a farmer and produce dealer. He was a member to the Primitive Baptist (Hard Shell) Baptist Church and was also a preacher for that church. Possessing an excellent memory, he was able to quote freely from the Bible.

He had a large family and many of his descendants are living in Greene County. He died Dec. 22, 1878 and is buried at Maple Corners graveyard about three miles from Xenia.


106. i. Wilford Louis7, born in Virginia May 31, 1831.

107. ii. Mansfield7, born in Virginia, died young.

108. iii. Ash7, born in Virginia, died young

109. iv. Sarah H.7, born in Virginia, died young.

110. v. Mary E.7, born at Maple Corners in Greene County, Ohio, Oct. 15, 1839, married April 9, 1861, Samuel F. Jones, son of Lewis and Sarah (Nash) Jones, who was born on a farm south of Xenia near the Zoar Methodist Church Oct. 12, 1836. He was a farmer. She died July 25, 1881 and is buried at Maple Corners, near Xenia. He died May 18, 1905.


    1. Jacob B. Jones, born July 16, 1862, married at Xenia, O., Clemma Bales, daughter of Jonathan and Harriet ( Adams) Bales. He was a farmer near Xenia and died Jan. 11, 1933. She died July 16, 1837. No issue.
    2. Annis Luella Jones, born near Maple Corners Oct. 8, 1889, Albert Lewis, son of James and Lucinda (Faulkner) Lewis, who was born south of Xenia on the home farm Nov. 6, 1863. They reside on Route 1, Xenia, O. Issue: (A) Ruth Lewis, born Feb. 18, 1904. She is a teacher in the public school at Cedarvill, O.
    3. Sarah Anna Elizabeth Jones, born Nov. 18, 1866, married Jan. 30, 1890 at Xenia, Sherman Fawcett son of Lewis and Louisa (Ary) Fawcett, who was born at Paintersville, O., July 3, 1865. he was a farmer. She died at Paintersville Feb. 28, 1925 and he hied Feb. 1, 1932. Issue: (A) Morris Fawcett, born at Paintersville, O., Sept. 29, 1890, married at Dayton, O., July 31, 1916, Agnes Schmitt-schmitt, daughter of Joseph and Estella (Simon) Schmitt-schmitt, who was born Jan. 6, 1893 at Hamilton, O. He is a photographer and they live at 168 Lorenz Ave., Dayton, O. Issue: (A) Dorothy Irene Fawcett born Dec. 2, 1917. (B) Harold J. Fawcett, born at Paintersville, O., June 11, 1893, married at Xenia June 11, 1924, Dorothy Bennett, daughter of Orie and Margaret (LeValley) Bennett, who was born at New Jasper, O. He is county treasurer of Greene County and lives at 620 N. Galloway St., Xenia, O. Issue: (a) Lawrence R. Fawcett, born April 18, 1917, married Oct. 6, 1939 at Wilmington, O., Dorotha Evelyn Whitehead, daughter of Clarence Cletus and Florence Audrey (Conklin) Whitehead, who was born in Wilmington, O., Jan. 4, 1919. He is a manager of a grocery store in Yellow Springs, O., but they reside at 115 Home Ave., Xenia, O. (C) Velma Fawcett, born at Paintersville, O., March 17, 1895, married at Bowersville, O., Nov. 16, 1916, Albert Hagler, won of George and Kathryn (Anderson) Hagler, who was born July 13, 1896 at Xenia, O. They are engaged in farming on Route 2, Cedarville, O. Issue: (a) Ruth Anna Hagler, born July 10, 1919. (b) Donald Nagler, born June 7, 1922. (c) Helen Louise Hagler, born April 11, 1925. (D) Helen Fawcett, married …. King. Address: 122 Lorenz Ave., Dayton, O. (E) Paul Fawcett, born June 15, 1897 at Paintersville, O., married Aug. 27, 1924 at Wilmington, O., Wilameana Quigley, daughter of Thomas E. and Mary Ellen (Oren) Quigley, who was born Oct. 26, 1905 at Martinsville, O. He is a truck driver. Address: 51 N. Ardmore, Dayton, O. (F) Hansel Fawcett. Address: 122 Lorenz Ave., Dayton O.
    4. Lewis Albert Jones, born near Maple Corners, Greene County, O., July 17, 1869, married at New Burlington, O., April 29, 1897, Minnie Lucas, daughter of John and Kesiah (Stephens) Lucas, who was born in Caesarcreek Twp., Greene County, O., Aug. 14, 1873. He was a farmer near Xenia until his death Aug. 1, 1936. Issue: (A) Mary Jones, born on the home farm near Zoar Church in Caesarcreek Twp., Greene Co., Nov. 17, 1899. She and her mother reside on the home place on Route 1, Xenia, O.
    5. Dellas L. Jones, born Sept. 28, 1872, married Nov. 8, 1900 May Burba, daughter of James M. and Sarah M. ( Anderson) Burba, who was born Feb. 4, 1875 in Adams County, O. He was a freight clerk for many years and they reside at 131 S. Detroit St., Xenia, O. Issue: (A) Edith Jones, born at Maple Corners in Greene County March 15, 1902, married Oct. 2, 1924, Clarence C. Oglesbee. Address: 29 Maple St., Xenia, O. (B) Lavona Jones born at Maple Corners Oct. 17, 1903, married Nov. 9, 19?2, Russel R. Bales. Address: Yellow Springs, O. Issue: (a) Betty L. Bales, born 1923.
    6. Ernest F. Jones, born Jan. 9, 1878, married at Spring Valley, O., Sept. 30, 1897, Anna De Vee, daughter of Samuel and Emily (Shaner) De Vee, who was born near Port William, O., Oct. 13, 1876. He was a freight clerk at Xenia for a number of years and now resides at 425 W. Fourth St., Dayton, O. Issue: (A) Marion R. Jones, born Sept. 18, 1898, married at Newport, Ky., Aug. 12, 1918, Lucy Kathleen Glenn, daughter of Joseph LaFayette and Mamie (Roberts) Glenn, who was born Dec. 19, 1897. He is a locomotive engineer for the Pennsylvania Railroad and resides at 1110 Mulford Rd., Columbus, O. Issue: (a) Norma Elicor Jones, born June 22, 1919, married Aug. 12, 1938 at Xenia, O., William F. Anderson, son of Clyde Wilson and Elizbeth (Finlay) Anderson, who was born at Xenia, July 20, 1916. He is a driver-guard for Brinks, Inc., dispatchers of money and valuables. Address: 1400 Neil Ave., Columbus, O., Issue: (A) Anita Colleen Anderson born Nov. 24, 1939. (b) Russel Kent Jones, born Aug. 29, 1921; died May 21, 1923. (B) Cleo E. Jones, born May 28, 1902, married at Portsmouth, O., May 2, 1937, Harry C. Morris, son of Edward F. and Jennie (Cullup) Morris, who was born Aug. 1, 1899 at Eubank, Ky. He is in the bar and restaurant business, and resides at 23 S. Whiteman St., Xenia, O. (C) Velda Jones, born June 29, 1914, married at Covington, Ky., Oct. 28, 1933, Richard B. Creamer, son of Frank and Olive (Sheeley) Creamer, who was born at Washington C.H., O., Dec. 15, 1913. He is a roller groover at Crowell Collier Pub. Co., and the reside at 611 W. North St., Springfield, O. Issue (a) Kenneth Richard Creamer, born Aug. 15, 1934. (b) James Franklin Creamer, born July 2, 1937.
    7. Harvey Jones, born July 5, 1880, died July 21, 1880.

111. vi. Harvey7, born Nov. 19, 1842.

112. vii. Ann7, born near Xenia, O., Jan. 16, 1844, married Feb. 14, 1866, Joseph B. Cummings, son of Thomas B. and Mary E. (Boots) Cummings, who was born May 31, 1841 in Caesarcreek township. He was a soldier in the War Between the States (“History of Greene County, Ohio,” Geo. F. Robinson (1902), p. 460.). He was a farmer and was state representative of the Odd Fellows. She died Nov. 18, 1909 and is buried in Woodland Cemetery, at Xenia.


  1. May Cummings, born Sept. 27, 1867, was educated at the Xenia Female Seminary and Antioch College. She was instructor of Greek and occupied the chair of modern languages at Tusculum College, Greeneville, Tenn. She live at Xenia in her later life and died….
  2. Wilhelmina (Ina) Cummings, born Oct. 9, 1870, married Oct. 25, 1888, Thomas O. Mason. She died at Canton, Mo., Jan. 10, 1891 and is buried at Xenia in Woodland Cemetery. Issue: (A) Joseph B. Mason, born Aug. 12, 1891, married Sept. 25, 1912, Corinne Smith. Address Xenia, O. Issue: (a) J. Warren Mason, born Oct. 18, 1915.
  3. Thomas Edwin Cummings, born July 26, 1873, married Mamie M. Wise. Address: 405 E. Second St., Xenia O. Issue (A) Marie Cummings, born, died… (B) Donald Cummings. (C) Floyd Cummings.

113. viii. John Allison7, Born March 17, 1846.

114. ix. Ella7, born 1848, died in childhood.

115. x. Levi7, born Aug. 8, 1850.

116. xi. Amanda7, born at Maple Corners, near Xenia, O., Feb. 11, 1852, married at Xenia Nov. 26, 1874, Frank Weaver, son of George and Hannah (Fout) Weaver, who was born May 12, 1852, at Needmore, near Xenia. He was a thresherman before his retirement. She died July 13, 1900, and is buried at Bellbroook, Ohio.


  1. Harry Lewis Weaver, born near Needmore, O., Oct. 3, 1875, married Nov. 4, 1921, Gertrude Shellabarger, daughter of Enos and Rebecca (Weybright) Shellabarger, who was born Dec. 5, 1872 at Piqua, O. He is a stationary engineer for the Fridgidaire Company, in whose employ he as been for the past 16 years. The reside at 55 Drake Ave., Dayton, O.
  2. Estella Hannah Weaver, born near Needmore, O., June 27, 1878, married at Spring Valley, O., Nov. 21, 1901, John Harness, son of James Creighton and Dorothy (Bales) Harness, who was born near New Jsper, O., April 4, 1873. He has been a brass machine operator at the Buckeye Iron & Brass Works since 1913. They reside at 38 Filmore St., Dayton, O. Issue: (A) Dorothy Amanda Harness, born Aug. 26, 1902 at Bellbrook, O., married Jan. 11, 1930 at Dayton, O., Conrad F. Lindahl, son of Charles John and Emma (Swanson) Lindahl (both born in Sweden), who was born at Bradford, Pa., May 5, 1898. He is a tool and die maker and they live at 1936 Demphle Ave., Dayton, O. (B) Floyd Weaver Harness, born Feb. 12, 1906 at Bellbrook, O., Married Aug. 23, 1930 in Green Co., O., Hazel Burnett, daughter of Earl and Ella (Thackara) Burnett, who was born April 28, 1904 at Lebanon, O. He is a machinist and resides at Bellbrook, O. (C) Anna Mayme Harness, born March 6, 1908 at Bellbrook, married, 1 st, Jan. 22, 1930, Kenneth V. Wilkinson; 2 nd, March 1, 1941 at Johnston City, Tenn., Russell Elzworth Brown, son of George H. and Josephine Brown, who was born in Dayton, O., March 18, 1901. He is a sheet metal worker. Address: 941 Weng Ave., Dayton, O. Issue (1 st mar.): (a) Jon Richard Wilkinson, born March 3, 1935.
  3. Mayme Louella Weaver, born at Bellbrook, O., in 1882, married Dec. 26, Charles Brelsford, son of Timothy and Amanda J. (Wert) Brelsford, who was born near Ferry, O., May 23, 1879. They live on a farm on Route 4, near Xenia, O.
  4. John Racer Weaver, born near Bellbrook, O., in 1883, married in July, 1920, Marie Smith. Address: Bellbrook, O.
  5. Henry Esper Weaver, born in 1885, died Feb. 20, 1905.
  6. Valsic Humston Weaver, born in 1890, died Oct. 27, 1899.
  7. Jesse Turnbull Weaver, born at Bellbrook, O., in 1894, married at Covington, Ky., July 16, 1917, Myrtle Whitacre, daughter of Jonas and Elizabeth C. (Laume) Whitacre, who was born near Bellbrook Nov. 19, 1894. He is a welder at Dayton and resides at Bellbrook, O. Issue: (A) James Howard Weaver, born at Bellbrook Aug. 14, 1920. (B) John F. Weaver, born at Bellbrook July 3, 1929.

45. JAMES6 HUMSTON, born about 1808 ( John5, Edward4, Edward3, Edward2, Edward1).

James Humston, son of John and Matilda Humston, was born probably in Fauquier County, Virginia about 1808. Very little is known of his residence in Virginia, but he is listed as a taxpayer in Frederick County in 1832. He moved to Clinton County, Ohio, about 1835, and resided there the rest of his life. He was a farmer and it is said he was married, but left no issue. He died at the age of 50 (about 1858), and is buried at New Burlington, O.

46. EDWARD6 HUMSTON, born about 1809 ( John5, Edward4, Edward3, Edward2, Edward1).

Edward Humston, son of John and Matilda Humston, was born in Virginia about 1809, and lived there during the early years of his life. He was living in Frederick County in 1832, being listed as a taxpayer in the county at that time. He moved to Clinton County, Ohio, about 1835, probably going to that state with his brothers. He was a farmer, and it is believed he never married. He died at the age of 40, about 1849, and is buried at New Bulington, O.

47. JOHN M.6 Humston, born 1810 ( John5, Edward4, Edward3, Edward2, Edward1).

John M. Humston, son of John and Matilda Humston, was born in Virginia March 8, 1810. He is listed as a taxpayer in Frederick County in 1832, but went to Clinton County, Ohio, about 1835, later moving to Greene County, near Xenia. About 1885 he went to Durham, Lewis County, Mo. He was a farmer during his residence in Ohio. He died Sept. 4, 1898, and is buried at Gillead, Durham, Mo. It is said he was married, but no such record has been found.

49. LARKIN MOREHEAD6 HUMSTON, born 1821 ( John5, Edward4, Edward3, Edward2, Edward1), married Oct. 14, 1841, near Durham Mo., Elizabeth K. Morehead, daughter of John and Susan (Humston) Morehead who was bourn (probably) in Shenandoah County, Virginia, July 12, 1817, and went with her parents to Missouri about 1837. She died Jan. 23, 1898, and is buried at Durham, Mo.

Larkin Morehead Humston, son of John and Matilda Humston, was born in Virginia in 1821, and lived in that state until about 1837.

He moved with his uncle, John Morehead, to Missouri at that time and located at Durham, Lewis county, spending the remainder of his life in that vicinity. He was a farmer, a member of the Baptist Church, and a respected neighbor. He died Jan. 18, 1901, and is buried at Gillead Church near Durham.


117. i. John Thomas7, born Nov. 1, 1842.

118. ii. William Robert7, born March 17, 1850.

119. iii. Susan Matilda7, born near Durham, Lewis County, Mo., June 21, 1851, married at that place August F. Rushmeyer. He was a farmer near Durham. She died Aug. 28, 1923. No issue.

120. iv. Albert George7, born March 1, 1853.

121. v. James Larkin7, born July 1, 1855.

122. vi. Luceta Jane7, born near Durham, Mo., Feb 22, 1857, married Thomas A. Miller, son of Alexander and Matilda (Haley) Miller, who was born in Missouri March 10, 1843. He was a farmer near Durham. She died Feb. 24, 1901 near NcCune Station, Mo., and is buried at Durham. He died June 19, 1905 at Curryville, Mo.


    1. Lola Miller, born Sept. 30, 1891 near Emerson, Mo., married 1 st, Aug. 13, 1913 at Quincy, Ill., Lewis Milton Dundy, son of Samuel and Emmie (LaClaire) Dundy, who was born in Illinois Dec. 15, 1888. He was a farmer. She married, 2 nd, Arther Morgan. They live on Route 3, Know City, Mo. Issue (1 st mar.): (A) Everett Milton Dundy, born Nov. 16, 1914, died Nov. 26, 1914. (B) Roy Virgil Dundy, born June 11, 1916, married… Address: 1220 Lind, Quincy, Ill.
    2. Medley Miller, born May 11, 1895 at Carthage Ill., married March 12, 1919 at Ewing, Mo., June Edna Coleman, daughter of Herbert and Emma (Lair) Coleman, who was born Oct. 12, 1902 at Philadelphia, Mo. He is a farmer and lives on Route 2, Lewistown, Mo. Issue: (A) Lucille Edna Miller, born Oct. 10, 19191 at Durham, Mo., married Feb. 3, 1938 at Newark, Mo., Cecil Mann. Issue: (a) Velma Lucille Mann, born Nov. 15, 1938. (B) Hazel Louise Miller, born May 13, 1920 at Ewing, Mo. (C) Alena Dorothy Miller, born July 29, 1923 at Monticello, Mo. (D) Melvin Medley Miller, born Feb. 18, 1927 at Gregory, Mo. (E) Isaella Jane Miller, born Nov. 13, 1929 at Gregory, Mo. (F) Richard Eugene Miller, born June 3, 1940 at Lewistown, Mo.
    3. Lottie Miller, born July 26, 1898 at Ewing, Mo., married Jan. 6, 1926 at Monticello, Mo., Bryan Schiver, son of George L. and Lula (Yocum) Schiver, who was born Dec. 25, 1898 at Canton, Mo. They reside at Ewing, Mo. Issue (A) Betty Lou Schiver, born Nov. 11, 1927 at Ewing, Mo.
    4. Thomas Miller, married Mona Barr. Address: Ewing, Mo. Issue: (A) Mary Miller. (B) Mildred Miller. (C) Herbert Miller. (D) Walter Miller. (E) Ruby Miller.

50. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN6 HUMSTON, born 1830 ( Nathaniel Quarles5, Edward4, Edward3, Edward2, Edward1 ), married near Edinburg, Va., May 29, 1855, Rebecca Frances Hockman, daughter of Isaac and Annie Maria (Saum) Hockman, (Isaac Hockman was born May 6, 1806 and died Oct. 22, 1871. he married Nov. 4, 1834, Annie Marria Saum, daughter of Daniel and Mary (Brubaker) Saum, who was born at Saumsville, Va., March 17, 1814. They lived and were buried on their farm east of Woodstock, Va. Daniel Saum was son of Nicholas Saum and Mary Brubaker was a daughter of Abraham and Anna (Hottel) Brubaker. (History of the Descendants of John Hottel, p. 378)) who was born in Shenandoah County, Virginia, Aug. 28, 1838. She died March 1, 1907, and is buried at Winchester, Va.

Benjamin Franklin Humston, son of Nathaniel Quarles and Margaret (Stephenson) Humston, was born near Edinburg, Shenandoah County, Va., Jan. 12, 1830, and lived there until 1875.

He then moved to Clark County, Virginia, owning a large farm between Winchester and Berryville on which he lived the rest of his life. He also owned land in Jefferson County, West Virginia.

According to "Annals of Clark County Virgna" written by Lorraine Myers and Stuart E. Brown. Benjamin purchased the Knight Farm consisting of 581 acres for $28.50 per acre on August 6, 1874. "Owned by the Knights who lost it some time after the Civil War. Sold in 1875, to Benjamin Franklin Humston (1830-1904), son of Nathuniel Quarles Humston and Margaret Stevenson Humston. They moved from Shenandoah County.

Benjamin Home

He was an able financier and one of the leading citizens of the county. He was a Primitive Baptist. He died Sept. 21, 1904, and is buried at Wincherster, Va.

Issue: (The family Bible belonging to B. F. Humston now is in the possession of Miss Frances Beyer, Winchester, Va.)

123. i. Emma Adelia7, born near Edinburg, Va., Sept. 19, 1856, married Sept. 16, 1874, William Marshall Gaunt, who was born in Rappahannock County, Virginia, Feb. 17, 1848. He was a farmer at Boyce, Va. She died in January, 1930; hed died Dec. 12, 1937.


    1. Charles Wayman Gaunt, born Sept. 17, 1875, married Nov. 12, 1902, Mamie Engle, who died in December, 1929. he married, 2 nd, Mozelle Masmer. He died May 24, 193- at Boyce, Va. Issue (1 st mar.): (A) Isabelle Gaunt. (B) Wayman Gaunt.
    2. Ollie Hampton Gaunt, born Aug. 5, 1877, married Oct. 24, 1909, Lillie Trenary. He died in May, 1930. Issue: (A) Leo Gaunt. (B) Randolph Gaunt. (C) Allen Gaunt. Boyce, Va.
    3. Ray Clifton Gaunt, born Aug. 14, 1879 at Bartonsville, Va., married Jan. 6, 1903, Annie Maria Ruch, daughter of Charles Franklin and Lucy Alice (Hottel) (See “History and Descendants of John Hottel,” by W.D. and Lulu Mae Huddle. Many Shenandoah families mentioned in connection with the Humstons are further delineated in this volume.) Rush, who was born April 11, 1883. They reside at 374 E. Piccadilly St., Winchester, Va. Issue: (A) Rush Franklin Gaunt, born July 11, 1904, died Jan. 25, 1907. (B) Hunter Marshall Gaunt, born April 25, 1906, married Elsie Mae Sumption, daughter of William and Mary Susan (Stryker) Sumption of Winchester, who was born July 15, 1906. He is a pharmacist and they reside at 1467 Greystone Terrace, Winchester, Va. Issue: (a) Hunter Marshall Gaunt, born Jan. 31, 1931. (C) Lauck Hockman Gaunt, born Feb. 8, 1908, died at age of 5. (D) Robert Ray Gaunt, born Oct. 18, 1909, married….(E) Lucy Emma Gaunt, born Jan. 12, 1911. She is a registered nurse and resides at 2034 Cornell Road, Cleveland, O. (F) Infant, born and died September, 1915.
    4. Beula Ashby Gaunt, born at Kernstown, Va., Oct. 2, 1881, married Dec. 10, 1905, Irwin Taylor Updike. Divorced. She resides at 1408 D St., S.E., Washington, D.C. Issue: (A) Geneva Gaunt Updike, born July 29, 1906, married in Baltimore, Md., April 19, 1936, Myron N. Lawson-Scribner. They live at 1121 New Hampshire Ave., Washington, D.C. (B) Kemper Wilson Updike, born June 4, 1910, died Aug. 29, 1919. (C) Carl Taylor Updike, born June 6, 1912, in Philadelphia, Pa., married March 11, 1937, Anna J. Basini. They reside at 1408 D St., S.E., Washington, D.C. Issue: (a) Carol Ann Updike, born Nov. 14, 1939. (D) William Marshall Updike, born Jan. 1. 19??.
    5. Frances Lee Gaunt, born at Kernstown, Va., Aug. 10, 1884, married Jan. 16, 1904, Ernest Duncan Jones, son of C.T. Jones, C.S.A., who was born at Berryville, Va., Aug 5, 1880. he died April 17, 1929. She resides at 106 W. Jefferson St., Charlottesville, Va. Issue (A) Ernest Linwood Jones, born Nov. 5, 1904, married July 15, 1933, Juanita Agner, daughter of Wood A. and Virginia ( Staunton) Agner, who was born Aug. 14, 1910 at Buffalo Forge, Va. He is the owner of the City News Store, Charlottesville, Va., and lives at 56 Altamont Apts., Charlottesville. Issue: (a) Patricia Ann Jones, born April 23, 1936. (B) Frances Lee Jones, born Aug. 20, 1906, married Aug. 15, 1931, Thomas Atkinson McEachern, son of ThomasAtkinson and Martha (Gray) McEachern, who was born Sept. 8, 1905 at Carrollton, Miss. He is an attorney and they reside at 327 Prescott St., Memphis, Tenn. Issue; (a) Frances Lee McEachern, born Dec. 20, 1932. (b) Martha Gray McEachern, born Aug. 8, 1936. (C) Helen Humston Jones, born Dec. 20, 1908, married Aug. 25, 1936, William Lee Davis, son of Joseph Ely Causey and Maud ( Moore) Davis, who was born Oct. 14, 1905 at Norfolk, Va. He is a graduate of the Medical School of the University of Virginia. They reside at 408 Altamont Circle, Charlottesville, Va. (D) Ann Sherwood Jones, born April 14, 1925.
    6. Mamie Aetna Gaunt, born Jan. 12, 1894, married Nov. 21, 1920, Dr. Walter Westbrook Robinson, son of William Walter and Lula Edna (Young) Robinson, who was born Aug. 24, 1893 at West Point, Miss. They live at 73 Cherokee Drive, Memphis, Tenn. Issue: (A) Ojuida Edna Robinson, born Nov. 19, 1921 at West Point, Miss. In 1940 she was a student at ..lph-Macon Womans’ College at Lynchburg, Va.
    7. Lelia Bryan Gaunt, born April 4, 1898, married Jan. 13, 1921, Nevitt Hugh Shacklett of Washington, D.C. Address: Bethesda, Md. Issue: Nevitt Hugh Shacklett, born Sept. 16, 1923 at Washington, D.C.
    8. Retha V. Gaunt, born Nov. 12, 1900. She lives at Millwood, Va.

124. ii. Annie Maria7, born Dec. 23, 1858, married Dr. Edward Ashby Humston (See No. 89 of this record).

125. iii. Nathaniel I.7, born near Edinburg, Va., Sept. 23, 1860, died July 14, 1881, and is buried at Winchester, Va.

126. iv. Mary Rush7, born near Edinburg, Va., Nov. 17, 1862, married May 26, 1886, Thomas H. Sprint, son of John W. and Emily (Shearer) Sprint, who was born May 21, 1857. He was a merchant at Winchester. He died Jan. 7, 1909, and she died in January, 1936; they are buried at Winchester, Va.


  1. Frank H. Sprint, born May 15, 1887.
  2. J. Ashby Sprint, born Sept. 16, 1888, married Nov. 28, 1912, C. spurrier. Address: 321 S. Main, Winchester, Va. Issue : (A) Jean Spurrier Sprint, born June 1, 1918. (B) James Ashby Sprint.
  3. Thomas H. Sprint, born July 25, 1894, married Aug. 5, 1925 at Winchester, Va., Eva Naomi Knott, daughter of C. J. and Mary Virginia (Huffman) Knott, who was born in Jefferson County, West Virginia., Oct. 14, 1901. He is a merchant and they live at 6 W. Cecil St., Winchester, Va. Issue: (A) Mary Lou Sprint, born Sept. 3, 1927.
  4. John Marshall Sprint, born July 14, 1899, died Sept. 15, 1910, and is buried at Winchester, Va.
  5. Lucy Frances Sprint, born Dec. 5, 1901, married Nov. 25, …. Floyd Gladstone Crim, son of C.F. and Callie (deHaven) Crim of Frederick County, who was born Sept. 18, 1903. They live at 321 S. Loudoun, Winchester, Va. Issue: (A) Floyd Gladstone Crim, born Oct. 25, 1926. (B) Frank Sprint Crim, born Oct. 14, 1930.

127. v. Elliot Linden7, born Aug 26, 1864.

128. vi. John Lacy7, born Sept. 16, 1866.

129. vii. Lucie7, born near Berryville, Clark County, Va., Oct. 17, 1871, married at the home of her father (by the Rev. B. F. Boyer Nov. 15, 1892, Hiram Edward Beyer, son of B.F. Boyer, who was born Oct. 20, 1864. He is a farmer at Summit Point, W. Va. She died Sept. 6, 1932.


  1. Frances Naomi Boyer, born Jan. 8, 1895. She is a graduate of Powhatan College and Valparaiso University. She was a teacher and now is purchasing agent for the Winchester Memorial Hospital. She is a member of the Berryville Methodist Church and resides at Winchester, Va.
  2. Lucymae Humston Boyar, born April 19, 1908. She is a librarian in the New York Public Library, New York City. She is a member of the Berryville, Va., Methodist Church. Address: Summit Point, W. Va.

51. NATHANIEL QUARLES6HUMSTON, born 1832 ( Nathaniel Quarles5, Edward4, Edward3, Edward2, Edward1 ), married, first, Nov. 7, 1860, Mary Louise Buck, daughter of Capt. John S. Buck of Louisa County, Virginia, who was born May 13, 1836. She died Sept. 28, 1898, and is buried in the family graveyard at Bells Cross Roads, Louisa County. He married, second, at Edinburg, Va., Caroline Pence, who was born at Edinburg, Va.

Nathaniel Quarles Humston, son of Nathaniel Q. and Margaret (Stephenson) Humston, was born near Edinburg, Shenandoah County, Va., Sept. 23, 1832. He was a physician and practiced medicine at Edinburg.

The Humston Baptist Church, a short distance south of Edinburg, stands on land given by Nathaniel. He died Jan. 5, 1906 and is buried at Edinburg, Va.

Issue (first marriage):

130. i. Rosa L.7, born about 1863, at Edinburg, Va., married July 7, 1908, E. L. Viers of Montgomery County, Maryland. He was a merchant at Bells Cross Roads, Louisa County, Va. No issue.

Issue (second marriage):

131. ii. Infant daughter, born, died same day.


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