With every new edition of this site I hope it continues to grow and meet more and more of your expectations and needs to understand who we are and where we come from.

The debt we owe Ezra Sams Humston and Edward Albert Humston Humston for their early research and publishing is beyond anything we can possibly measure. The first publication was "The Humston Family" in 1943 it was a collaboration between Ezra and Edward in a time before the Internet and electronic documents. I have a difficult time imagining the effort this must have been and the dedication of these two men. The second publication was "Humston Gleanings" in 1981 by Edward. Though Gleanings can standalone it is really a companion to "The Humston Family" and fills in some missing areas and corrects some assumptions in the original publication.

I have attempted to combine these two works faithfully to give a single source of information. I give credit to Ezra and Edward and all the other contributors for everything that is right in these pages, but I take full responsibility for the mistakes.

In my own research I have found the information to be incredibly accurate. With the continued addition of electronic documents more information is coming to light that may change these pages. I am very impressed with the original work and the decree of accuracy that is present.

It has always been assumed that all Humston's in the U.S. are descendents of a single ancestor. My research has shown that the original Edward was not the only Humston to immigrate to the U.S., though he was definitely the first. I have yet to encounter Humston's that descend from any of these other immigrants but I am convinced that they did or do exist.

There are many mysteries yet to be solved about our clan. The foremost has to be who was Edward our founding ancestor. I have not been successful of identifying his origins prior to his arrival in the this country. Hopefully some of you may have better luck.

I do plan many more additions to these pages. Additional information about our ancestors are still out there. I would like to get more photos. I would also like to get information for the current generations of Humston's as well. I'd like to add a means for data collection to the site to help on getting new information. I'll also be adding a discussion board to allow us to share information and connect with our family members no matter how distant.

When viewing the information you must keep the context in mind for time in which the original material was published "Humston Gleanings" (1981) and the original "The Humston Family" (1943). Many references are to the time frames of the original authors research and publishing not referencing the current date. Gleanings had several volumes published some official and some just to the affected family members.

I've tried to maintain (for now) much of the original formatting of the documents to give you a sense of what the original documents looked like if you are not lucky enough to own a copy of them. I unfortunately do not own an original of "The Humston Family" and obtained my material from a copy that is located at the Library of Congress in Washington DC. The original copies were not type set. They were published as typed on a simple typewriter. Overtime I will adjust the formatting to enhance readability and take advantage of this media.

Since the last publishing of Gleanings a generations have been added to the Humston family. I will add this information as it comes to me. Please take advantage of the Humston Family Forum on this site to share and publish new information about our family.


Rex Humston (2006)